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Favreless: 5 QB’s to take over as Vikings starting QB come next season.

August 10th, 2010

 We all knew it would happen sooner or later...right?

Farve is having a hard time deciding whether he should come back and compete for a title with the Vikes this season which leads me to believe this will no doubt be his last year if he plays.

The question I have is who will take over for Favre after he leaves the horns behind.

Sage Rosenfels?  Tavaris Jackson?  Hogwash.

That's taking the easy way out.

I'm about to give all of you B/R readers 5 potential starters for the Vikings at quarterback when next season rolls around who will do more for this team than fill the depth chart (see Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels)


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To Retire or Not to Retire: NASCAR’s Top Brett Favre Like Drivers

August 10th, 2010

Recent news of Brett Favre finally retiring, again, from the NFL has been met with mixed reactions from teams, media and sports fans.

Favre's long awaited official retirement was once again announced today, and once again before he actually said he was retiring.

To some, retirement is a right of passage, to others it's the end of one life and the beginning of another.

No one knows exactly what the mind set of an athlete facing retirement is. There could be extenuating circumstances, or just some basic statistical criteria.

What ever set of parameters an athlete uses, he or she should always remember this: Retirement from pro sports should always be considered before being offered a senior citizen discount or a position on the board of AARP.

While no professional sport is immune from participants stretching their longevity as much as they can, NASCAR seems to lead the way in not only longevity, but lack of production also.

Listed on the next several pages, in no particular order, are those NASCAR drivers who, like Brett Favre, toyed with retirement, but just couldn't, or can't walk away.

As they slid off the pinnacle of their careers, their on track performance's slid as well.

For the most part, Favre retired at the top of his game, most of these drivers are not, or, were not, even close.

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Favre-isms: The 10 College QB’s With The Best Favre Characteristics

August 9th, 2010

We have all watched Brett Favre over the past several years be as undecided as a bridezilla a week before her wedding.

Most recent, there were reports that he was retiring, stating that his ankle had not healed. The next day there were reports that he was still deciding, followed up by him saying he really wants to play it healthy.

Come on Brett, we all know that you are just trying to get out of training camp.

This got me thinking about which college quarterbacks have the best "Favre" qualities.

I have taken 10 college starters that I think fit the Favre mold in categories like flip flopping teams, biggest media starlet, and strongest arm.

Unfortunately for me, once this list is published I will not have the option to retire, switch articles, or do any interviews about my bad ankle, so enjoy.

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Minnesota Vikings 2010 Predictions: With Or Without Brett Favre

August 9th, 2010

The Vikings start the pre season not knowing who will be the starting quarterback, assuming the Brett Favre retirement is a ploy to wrest more money from the Vikings, or it's just the standard Brett Favre drama we all have gotten quite used to.

Maybe you should try training camp Brett, just to develop better timing with these guys you depend on to catch those sometimes errant passes an old man is apt to deliver from time to time.

Minnesota opens the season in New Orleans against the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints on the road.

This is probably a loss, but if Favre isn't in, it's for sure a loss. 0-1 either way in this one.

Week Two finds the Vikings at home against the Dolphins. If Favre plays the Vikings win, without Favre, Miami controls the whole game and wins. 1-1 with Brett, 0-2 without.

In Week Three the Vikings play Detroit in a home game they should win, with whoever plays quarterback, including Joe Kapp or Fran Tarkington. 2-1 with Brett, 1-2 without.

You see a pattern here?

Week four has the Vikes already resting in their bye week. If they are 1-2 without Favre do they panic and beg him to play? what if they are 0-3?

Poor Minnesota, but they made this bed, and now must lay in it.

In Week Five the Vikings return to the playing field either all depressed, or energized because Gramps decided to suit up this week.

They play the Jets on the road, and with Brett they can win this, without Favre....back to that pattern we were talking about. 3-1 with Favre, 1-3 without.

Week Six brings a strong Dallas Cowboy team to town and with or without Favre the Vikings lose this game. Favre less Vikings are 1-4. With Brett, a respectable 3-2.

The Packers are the next stop and without Favre this game will be a joke, as Green Bay crushes the Vikings this outing in Green Bay. With Favre, Green Bay manages a win here anyway. Favre less Vikings 1-5, Brett playing 3-3.

Next the Vikings have New England on the road, and will have to deal with the weather outside, someone to match Brady's point total, and chaos in the Vikings Camp as without Favre they lose again and are 1-6.

If Favre is playing, he could pull this one off, and beat New England. With Favre the Vikings could be at 4-3. With out him, Favre-ma-geddeon.

After all that won't it be exciting seeing an Arizona team with Matt Leinart go against Tavaris Jackson in the Metrodome. Wow! Can't wait. Minnesota wins this one with whoever at quarterback. 2-6 or 5-3. Heaven or hell.

Next they get the Bears In Chicago and with Brett a win, and without Brett. a loss. Back to the pattern of the season for Minnsesota without Favre. 2-7 or 6-3.

Green Bay visits next, and the Packers lose this one to Brett, or stomp all over the Vikings again. Easy pick if Favre does not play. Packers are maybe the NFC Super Bowl Rep this season. 2-8 now or 7-3 and a playoff run eminent with Favre at their helm.

Without Favre the season is toast, and the Vikings will be looking for a quarterbaxk quick. If Favre plays they will be still looking for a quarterback for next season.

The Vikings now travel to Washington to face Donovan Mcnabb and his new team. Mcnabb plays well this time of the season so there is no way Minnesota can win this game without Favre at quarterback. With Brett, 8-3 now, without Favre, 2-9.

Will Brad Childress have a job next season?

Week 13 is a win against Buffalo at home, with whoever at the helm winning the game. 9-3 or 3-9 now as the exact opposite now materializes depending on the quarterback. Funny how that worked out huh?

Week 14 has the Giants in town. Same bat time. Same bat channel. Favre wins, anyone else loses. 10-3 or 3-10.

Week 15 has the Bears show up for the second game of the series. Cutler gets hot and the Vikings lose a close one. 10-4 with Favre or 3-11 without.

The Eagles get a win in Philadelphia to make the Favre led Vikings 10-5, and then the Vikings beat the Lions in the last week to reach a record of 11-5 and one of the NFC Wild cards.

Or Favre does not play this season, and the Vikings even with two or three more wins than I gave them finish around 6-10 for the 2010 season.

The Vikings better offer him enough money to play or this season is trash.

All in black and white. Easy to see. Playoffs with Favre or rebuilding starts for the team, beginning at the quarterback position.

Thomas[NFL Mikee]Moreland

Mike Modano and Brett Favre: Five Reasons Why They Should Retire

August 9th, 2010

In my last article, I discussed five reasons why NHL player Mike Modano and NFL quarterback Brett Favre should return to professional sports.

Today, I am going to explore the opposite side of that argument.

This slideshow will list five reasons why Modano and Favre should look towards retirement.

Yes, there is life outside of playing a sport, and now would be a good time for them to look into it. 

Here is why Modano and Favre should call it quits.

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