Inter Milan and Mario Balotelli Need Each Other, Time to Patch Things Up

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There are few who can equal the degree of outspokenness as is characterized by José Mourinho’s. The same goes for his ability to stir up emotions. The Portuguese in undoubtedly is one of world football’s biggest personalities but his unrestrained sense of pride and downright obnoxious behaviours have made him one of those characters people love to hate.

Mourinho’s 19-year old prodigy, Mario Balotelli, is another one of those characters. Blessed as he may be with extraordinary talent, the Inter forward is equally gifted with qualities less flattering such as big-headedness and arrogance.

Last season saw several exclusions from the squad due to Balotelli’s disciplinary issues and training ground bust-ups. Sadly, the current campaign is following in the same fashion.

Although Mourinho undeniably acknowledges the immense talent at his hands, the former Porto coach seems to have lost patience with the fiery striker.

Whether it’s a simple clash of personalities or if Balotelli has general issues when it comes to respecting authority is up for debate. In either way the youngster hasn’t featured in the squad since March 7 as the Nerazzurri played out a goalless draw against Genoa.

The Portuguese wasn’t content with the level of performance from his player. However, the 19-year-old and his entourage later claimed that the striker was forced to play despite having a fever—which also prompted him to be sick during the interval. Mourinho blasted the accusations as lies and claimed to have received the all clear from the medical staff.

There was further controversy as the Inter hitman—a self-proclaimed Milanista—was seen pulling on the AC Milan jersey with his name on the back which was gifted to him by a reporter on Italian comedy show, “Striscia La Notizia”, when he thought the cameras were turned off.

Let’s put everything that has happened aside for a moment. Looking at the bigger picture it’s painstakingly effortless to see that both Inter and Balotelli need each other. Nonetheless, it’s equally simple to see that they’re both too arrogant to walk the road towards reconciliation.

With one eye firmly set on the Champions League, the Nerazzurri have started slipping in Serie A as they’ve relinquished the iron grip they had on the Scudetto just a few weeks back—allowing the Rossoneri to move within a single point. On top of that there is the Coppa Italia to think about.

Despite possessing a squad with both depth and dimension, fighting battles on three fronts is starting to take its toll on the players. Having all available players to the team’s disposal is of utmost importance in the final stretch of the season. If worst comes to worst, the champions could end up empty handed when the season comes to a close.

Blessed as SuperMario is with mind-blowing technique, lightning speed, sheer unpredictability, and a ferocious shot, the youngster is probably the greatest talent to emerge in Italy in recent years. In other words, the teenager is a great addition to any team.

Questions have been raised over the public dispute regarding Mourinho’s treatment of his prodigy. Some may feel that the tactician is being too severe; however, as the cliché saying goes, no player is bigger than the team. Sadly, Balotelli seems to fit the description perfectly. A player must behave like a professional at all times and always be open to criticism in order to improve himself—something the Inter forward has failed to do miserably since he burst out on to the grand scene.

Mourinho and Balotelli hardly look like they’ve ever backed away from a fight in their lives, quite the contrary actually. However, if the duo doesn’t put their petty differences aside and reconcile as soon as possible, only the club and its player will stand as losers in the end.  

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