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LeBron James or Brett Favre: Who Has the Biggest Ego?

July 16th, 2010

Sports has always been home to egomaniacs. It’s nothing new.

From Babe Ruth pointing out home runs to Joe Namath’s “Guarantee,” the only thing more widespread than egos is drug scandals.

But even though the ESPYs were handed out earlier this week, there’s one more award yet to be given out. It’s for the sports’ equivalent of being a leper:

The Most Egomaniacal and Self-Centered Athlete Award.

The 2010 Nominees?

LeBron James and Brett Favre.

These two fellas make my blood boil. They want the focus on them more than Marsha Brady does, and recently they seem to have done anything and everything to get it.

If there’s a camera, the egotists find it. If there’s an interview, they pre-write quotes so Chris Broussard and Chris Mortensen have wet dreams.

If someone else is throwing a wedding, they steal the title of “maid of honor.”

Let’s look carefully at the two candidates and make an educated decision to choose the more despicable person of 2010.


LeBron James

The American consensus seems to show that "The Decision" was one of the biggest coups of the century.

Take that, Russian Revolution.

For more a whole day, the sports media wrote about only one topic: LeBron-ophilia.

SportsCenter barely went to a commercial without bringing in some expert to say, “Nothing’s really changed since three minutes ago when you last asked.”

Gotta love journalism at its finest.

But the selfishness oozed from the televised show. Any one who’s ever had to deliver bad news knows that it must be done quietly so sympathy is shown and coping can begin easily.

James must have not gotten that memo, or he can change his nickname to King Tact.

Rumors swirled about whether ‘Bron ‘Bron’s camp pushed for the airtime or if James even wanted to do it in the first place. But the fact of the matter is that he had the final say, and if he was just concerned about winning like he claimed, the show shouldn't have gone on.

Sounds like someone’s pulling a Mark McGwire in Congress.

He had to have the attention. He had to have Jim Gray ask him 45 useless questions before he asked the one everyone cared about. He had to take HIS talents to South Beach.

It’s all about him, not the team.

Then he takes it one step further at the Heat’s introduction bonanza. It’s fine to be confident, but he couldn’t get a single win in an NBA Finals in his first seven years. Does he need to virtually promise more than seven rings to Miami?

Pumping up the crowd is one thing, but even Stone Cold Steve Austin knows when it's time to stop the talk.

Confidence should come from winning, not forklifts, light displays, and hype.


Brett Favre

The formerly-beloved NFL quarterback and almost-guaranteed Hall of Famer is one of the biggest repeat offenders of narcissism.

In fact, that’s how he got the “formerly” attached to his name. NFL fans like him now as much as PETA likes Michael Vick.

But the way he goes about it is ridiculous. Favre must hire writers to storyboard the most interesting ways for him to get in the news.

I wish he’d just pick “jump into a volcano.”

This summer has been no exception. He goes to practice at a high school, but when all the cameras and reporters show up, guess who’s practicing his smile for them?

These kids just want to play football; they don’t need more useless people on their sideline like at a USC game at the L.A. Coliseum. But Favre refuses to shoo away a good chance to get his name out there and makes the kids suffer as a result.

“Suffer” has to be the best word to describe what he does to America. Every year, he refuses to just say, “I don’t want to go to training camp.”

Instead, he acts more indecisive than a hormone-filled teenager. If he doesn’t want to show up, no one would be surprised. But by not saying it, he’s forcing people to continue to ask, which keeps his conceited mug on air more often Law & Order.

And that show practically has its own network.

The injury indecision is no exception.

He keeps telling people he isn’t worried about his body, but then he contradicts himself by saying he needed to wait and see if he will ever be healthy.

Well, which is it? Your ego is too big to notice a bruise, so make up your mind.


And the winner is …. 

No one.

That’s right, as presenter of this award, I officially plan to incinerate it. Allowing either James or Favre to win at anything would blow up their egos more, and we just can’t have that.

But the losers, clearly, are the sports fans.

Seeing two men who make more money in one year than my entire family force themselves into the public eye, hurts me inside. They have everything at their fingertips, so why take our souls too?

Let’s just hope next time they get on camera or behind a microphone, someone chucks a tomato at them.

Sadly, they’d probably brag about how no one else got something thrown at them, raising their egos even more.

Dear Brett Favre … Suggestions Before Your Big 2010 Decision

July 16th, 2010

Dear Brett Favre,

Hello. Remember me?

I was the one wearing the green and gold No. 4 jersey in October of 2006 when you played the Eagles at Lincoln Financial. I’m pretty sure I was the ONLY one wearing a Packers jersey, surrounded by intoxicated fans who lobbed more slurred insults and one-liners my way than Roger Federer sees volleys throughout a full slate of ATP matches.

The verbal barrage didn’t bother me. Neither did the ugly 31-9 final score.

I was watching my NFL hero thread a pigskin through triple coverage. Watching you treat every single snap as if it was yet another unwrapped present under the Christmas tree.

Tearing into it.

Relishing it.

Playing with it as though it was the greatest toy in the world.

A decade prior, you were marching the Packers towards their first NFL championship in nearly three decades — at the same time I was graduating high school. 

The timing didn’t feel like a coincidence.

My favorite team, my favorite player, winning a title as I prepared for a new chapter in my life.

I’ve cherished every highlight-reel throw, each gunslinger-esque attempt to rally the cheeseheads to victory and every signature Lambeau leap.

As more and more experts questioned the legend of No. 4 after a messy divorce from Green Bay, an ill-fated one-year tenure with the Jets and seemingly endless bouts of indecision over retirement, I didn’t lose faith.

Every fan of comic books knows that even in the darkest hour, a true superhero finds a way to persevere.

Last summer, when the criticism was harsher than ever, I begged you to return via a column here at .

I suggested you zig when most of the football world thought you should zag right into retirement. I urged you to write your own final chapter on your own terms in the face of adversity.

One year, 4,202 yards, 33 touchdowns and just seven interceptions later, the critics have all but dried up.

There’s a few who suggest that you’re due to hit some mythical age-induced brick wall. They sound more and more like a pesky little brother on a family road trip who whines about being hungry, tired, and needing to use the bathroom instead of simply enjoying the ride.

Last summer, I suggested your career was becoming eerily similar to Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa franchise . Like Stallone, you wanted to show everyone that passion and heart can trump age.

In the movie, in case you didn’t see it, Rocky Balboa silences his critics by stepping back into the ring against a world heavyweight champion likely half his age. Amidst chants that he would be obliterated in the bout, Balboa stands toe-to-toe with the younger, more agile Mason “The Line” Dixon to the final bell.

Balboa walks away from the ring with his head held high, able to walk off into oblivion on his own terms in an emotional and fitting end to a storied franchise.

Did I mention that Balboa ultimately, by a 2-1 judges’ decision, lost the match?

Or that emotionally at that point, it didn’t really matter if he really did win or lose.

He wasn’t there to win back the title belt. It was a matter of capping off an impressive career with his head held high.

The Aesopian moral to the story: That one can successfully go out on his own terms without attaining the highest prize. That pride, heart, and ultimately, a legacy doesn’t have to be defined by championships won or lost.

Like moths to a street light, many Americans are drawn to the concept of Brett Favre as more than a quarterback in a football game.

No. 4 represents the grittiness and perseverance we all hope to exhibit: A blue-collar hero trapped in a mixed-collar world.

Brett Favre is equal parts Dirty Harry, John Wayne, Han Solo, Harry Stamper, and John McClain. Favre is a person who sets his own terms and methodically lives by them regardless of what society expects or demands.

After arguably the best year of your career, what else is there to prove?

Some already consider you the best quarterback of all time .

The 309 consecutive starts (including playoffs) — more than any other position player in the history of the sport — should qualify you automatically for that discussion. You proved to the world, and PackerNation, that you have enough mojo to play at an uber-high level.

Forget the Super Bowl.

Forget the interception at the end of the NFC Championship game. You didn’t lose the game, the team did through numerous missed opportunities, botched plays and miscues.

You were the reason they got that far, anyway.

Like Stallone’s Rocky states in the final film, “What’s so crazy about standing toe-to-toe with someone and saying, ‘I am?’”

That’s exactly what you did in 2009.

You proved, as is suggested at one point in the movie, that the last thing to age on someone is their heart.

You have the power right now to walk away from the game on your own terms when the whole world expects you to do otherwise.

To prove, in an almost Shakespearean turn of events, that you really do bleed Packer green and gold by leaving the archrival Vikings without a legitimate signal caller heading into the 2010 campaign, while riding off into the sunset on your Snapper lawn tractor.

With your head held high, never looking back.

For the original column, go here .

For all your hard-hitting fantasy football and fantasy baseball advice, go to

Will Brett Favre Return to Minnesota Vikings? Signs Say Yes!

July 16th, 2010

As the 2010 NFL season draws ever closer, a big question remains unanswered for the Minnesota Vikings: Will Brett Favre return for one more go around?

I believe the answer is quite simply, yes.

And I can tell you why. Brett Favre has told numerous sources that his beaten and battered body does not bother him.

He has also said that IF anything kept him from playing, it would be the ankle. As far as we know he has not had any surgery on that ankle, which was said to be required if he wanted to play again. 

Something doesn't add up.

Brett is a wealthy man, and if he had the surgery and wanted to keep it quiet, that would be no problem. 

I am not saying that has taken place, I am just implying that it could be done.

Aside from Brett's own statements and innuendos leading us to believe that his return is imminent, let's look at the other reasons he will return.

Look into that man's eyes and tell me you don't see a passion for the game. Favre understands the game of football better than anyone else. It is what he lives for.

Brett Favre and his family have been through just about everything life can throw at them (wife's cancer, father's death, addiction to pain killers), and they have prevailed. 

He is a natural born winner. 

It's all he knows.

When Brett speaks about the game, his face lights up. Have you seen the way he conducts himself on the field?  He is like a child who just threw the game-winning touchdown pass in the Pop Warner championships.

He truly loves the game. 

And who can retire from play at 19 years? You have go out on an even 20, right?

The way Favre speaks about his body, health, and ankle injury shows me that he is not really that concerned about it. If it were a real issue, I like to think he would do what was best for himself and his family—retire.

Do some research and you will find that pretty much everything he has said about returning looks positive for the Minnesota Vikings. 

Just two months ago he said, "It sure would be great to beat the Saints." Even Drew Brees has gone on record to say that he believes Brett will return.

What about the possibility of being injury prone?

What about it? 

Like I said, Brett will do what is best for Brett. When he returns to the field, the ankle and everything else will be just fine. 

Favre is a 40-year-old man, and no one is saying that he will be 100 percent, but he will be in playing condition come game time. 

I would love to see Brett Favre return for one more great season, and I believe he still has one in him.

Signing off,

Derek Smith

2010 Fantasy Football: Top 30 QB Rankings

July 15th, 2010

Here’s an updated look at my top 30 fantasy QB rankings:


1.  Aaron Rodgers

2.  Drew Brees

3.  Peyton Manning

4.  Tom Brady

5.  Tony Romo

6.  Matt Schaub

7.  Philip Rivers

8.  Brett Favre

9.  Jay Cutler

10.  Kevin Kolb

11.  Donovan McNabb

12.  Joe Flacco

13.  Eli Manning

14.  Alex Smith

15.  Matt Ryan

16.  Ben Roethlisberger

17.  Carson Palmer

18.  Matthew Stafford

19.  Chad Henne

20.  Vince Young

21.  Matt Leinart

22.  David Garrard

23.  Mark Sanchez

24.  Kyle Orton

25.  Matt Cassel

26.  Jason Campbell

27.  Matt Moore

28.  Josh Freeman

29.  Matt Hasselbeck

30.  Sam Bradford

The 10 Dumbest Michael Vick Moments

July 15th, 2010
A few years ago, Michael Vick was one of the National Football League's biggest stars. His No. 7 jersey was one of the best-sellers in the NFL, he had beaten Brett Favre and the Packers at Green Bay in a 2003 playoff game, and his signature sneakers and Nike commercials (remember the "Michael Vick Experience" theme, anyone?) were memorable--at the time. The man from Newport News, Virginia, electrified the crowds at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, the hometown of the Virginia Tech Hokies. He later translated his then-wunderkind game to unbelievable heights in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome. But yet... At first, small cracks (remember the marijuana incident at the airport in Miami?) started to display. Then his world came tumbling down when all his fortunes and fame were stripped away for his involvement (and inability to 'fess up) in dogfighting. Michael Vick has found himself in a bit of a bind again lately, but we'll discuss this all in the following 10 mistakes that led to Vick's downfall.

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