NBA Trade Proposal: Andre Iguodala, Gilbert Arenas, Luol Deng, and Elton Brand

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Here's how all three players and the trade break down.


Chicago: A. Iguodala

Given the way that East is starting to trend, Bulls may have to bulk in three areas: athleticism, versatility and depth.

Iguodala is a start when analyzing both him and Thibodeau's commitment to making stops on defense. Pairing him in the backcourt with Rose, moving Korver strictly to the three, and having Noah and 'Boozington' (Noah's preferable nickname for Boozer) man the front appeals greatly. This gives Rose more options to improvise while other teams remain honest.

Now obviously this transaction isn't a total splash or upgrade over Deng, but this lifts in obvious areas. Contrast both of their game-tapes and you'll get the gist.

Currently, teams are seemingly employed to playing Deng low, and not having other creators outside Rose is a detriment. With the addition of Iguodala, who's supremely better on the baseline, teams would have to play high and low, giving Rose more opportunities to set up the surroundings.


Philadelphia: G. Arenas/L.Deng

Evan Turner, who Sixers drafted second overall, essentially is the same player as Iguodala. So you would imagine someone has to be moved. You got it: this is where their inquiry surfaces in three-way talks.

Having Arenas play off the ball and Deng motion off screens is where Turner should excel by creating for others.

As we are seeing in Summer League, playing on the wing isn't Turner's strength. He goes one better by playing in a spread set, deploying his role primary at the one.

And of course with Arenas setting out to prove otherwise, and Deng not the primary option with Young there, I don't see why those points can't shoot up.


Wizards: Elton Brand

Brand hasn't been much of performer on court but just as better off it. Establishing him with a raw, young nucleus should counterpoint their willingness to part ways with Arenas, who hasn't set well in their community since the petty spectacle involving weaponry.

Brand's contract is also a year lenient.

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