Spartan Hoopla: Fight with Durrell Summers Cause for Allen’s Suspension?

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An altercation between Michigan State's 6'3" shooting guard Chris Allen and Durrell Summers may have been the catalyst that led Tom Izzo to his breaking-point Tuesday afternoon.

Izzo suspended Allen yesterday for "failing to meet team commitments", but sources close to the team leaked information that would suggest that Allen's problems are far deeper than that—and the suspension is a result from Allen's round of fist-a-cuffs with Summers.

Late Monday night or extremely early Tuesday morning, Allen and Summers decided to settle an unknown dispute by duking it out.

Alcohol was said to be among the factors that led to the disagreement between the two.

Allen was said to have left his residence, highly intoxicated—that's when Izzo received the call asking for his intervention.

As history would show, the relationship between Izzo and the former Mr. Georgia Basketball has been rocky at best—but being the man he is, Izzo isn't looking to ruin Allen's career as a Spartan.

Tuesday's incident wasn't the first time that the two have butted heads, and it likely won't be the last. Here's what we know now: Allen is suspended indefinitely from the basketball team. His family will be coming to Michigan to discuss his future with Izzo—a decision will be made from there.

Being medically red-shirted may be a option for Allen.

Perhaps a year to clear up his personal issues would do him some good. He's a talent that Spartan fans (not to mention his teammates) have come to rely on, and it would be a shame for him to end his career at Michigan State in such an untimely manner.

There are also talks of a transfer.

A change of environment may do Allen some good. Considering that he's had a track record of what most would call b.s., maybe East Lansing isn't the place for him.

Offers of substance abuse treatment have said to have been offered by not only his coach, but also Allen's mentor, who chose to remain anonymous.

There is never a good time for a player to exhibit self destructive behavior, but this meltdown has come at the worst possible juncture of the season.

When Izzo said, "Chris has to be a better teammate," the public wasn't exactly sure what to think. Knowing Izzo's style, the only conclusion that could be drawn about the decision to indefinitely suspend Allen was that of, "Well, he (Allen) probably deserved it."

First there was the issue with Lucas—by all accounts, that problem was ironed out, and "Too Easy" dazzled fans all season. 

Allen's dilemma won't be as easy to solve.

With the turmoil Izzo's program has endured with injuries and disciplinary problems so far, now is the time for his players to band together.

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