Raymond Felton Could Leave but Should the Charlotte Bobcats Care?

May 29th, 2010 by Chase Yutzy Leave a reply »

D.J. Augustin has been edging Raymond Felton out of Charlotte since the 22-year-old point guard was selected ninth overall in the 2008 draft.

Felton's been rumored to be on the way out constantly since then, and he's recently caught heat from the public after playing poorly in the playoffs this year.

Jameer Nelson out-did him in every phase of the game.  

The Magic were able to showcase Felton's shortcomings, and it may have dimmed the lights on the 25-year-old point guards hopes in landing a long term deal and a pay raise as an unrestricted free agent this off-season.

Charlotte is already short on cash without Felton's contract on payroll, so it raises the question—do the Bobcats need Raymond Felton?

The odds reveal that the answer would more likely be a "no".  

Felton isn't in the mold of an elite point guard, and with Augustin waiting in the wings, it would give the young guy some valuable experience thrusting him into the starting lineup.

The Bobcats would then be forced to find a way into the second round of the draft, complete a small trade for a back-up point guard, or sign one on the cheap via free agency.

Now, none of those options will completely cover the loss of Felton. 

Augustin will take some time to improve. It may be less than we think if he's put in the starting position, but the change would come with an inevitable pressure to perform.

But in his third year, he's quickly approaching the point where he will either be a young guy with a ton of potential, or another quick point guard with the ability to score, but without a complete game.

Let's get back to the point.

If Charlotte allows Felton to leave then the team will take a small step back experience and talent-wise, but it's time to let Augustin prove what he can do with the ball in his hands.

The younger Augustin has the higher ceiling as of now, and it's becoming increasingly likely that Felton will become nothing more than a solid point guard.

Augustin doesn't look like a superstar, but his quickness and scoring ability could lead to him surpassing Felton very soon.

Felton may be on his way back to Charlotte for another season, but is it the right decision for the Bobcats?

We'll soon see.


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