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A Look at the Recently Released Superstars: Forgotten Already?

July 17th, 2010
Hello Buzzers, I'm back. Three months ago, WWE released several superstars and divas in what was known as the spring cleaning. After learning the news, many fans went buzzing around feeling upset for some of the superstars released. In the following days, I read dozens of articles talking about the end of an era and the biggest disappointment. But honestly speaking, I felt that some people were just making a very big deal out of a normal thing that could always happen. Prior to those releases, we had few other superstars released too. We also had other releases in the past few weeks, including the infamous release of Bryan Danielson that was also received as shocking news for many IWC members. By now, I really think that most of those superstars are nearly forgotten and never missed. But still, I'm sure some story lines were just ruined because of certain releases. In the following slides, we'll have a look at the released superstars and divas. I'll just try to evaluate each superstar prior to his/her release. This will help us have a batter idea how effective that release was.

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NFL Quick Hits: Johnny Jolly of Green Bay Packers Expected to Miss 2010

July 17th, 2010

The 2010 fantasy football season is revving up, and it's right around the corner. With expert fantasy advice and breaking news flying around the web, it's hard to keep up with everything.

That's where Fantasy Football Sportal comes in. Check us out for expert fantasy rankings and mock draft advice before the season starts, and then for weekly fantasy advice during the regular season.

For now, check the hottest NFL fantasy news that's parading the internet:


Johnny Jolly, DE/DT, Green Bay Packers

Due to allegations of involvement with a drug trade, Green Bay defensive lineman Johnny Jolly is suspended indefinitely by Roger Goodell.

Green Bay won't feel the hit too much, as they still have rookie Mike Neal and veteran Ryan Pickett to save from a collapse on the line.


Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings

Despite swirling rumors about Peterson's frustration over his current contract, the star running back denied all reports, claiming that his contract and status with the Vikings is a non-issue.

Peterson said he is happy with his current deal, and that everyone should put the contract rumors "to rest".


Terrell Owens, WR, Free Agency

After Owens expressed an interest in joining the New England Patriots in 2010, news has now been broken that Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins want nothing to do with him.

Owens has remained content and willing to sit out of training camps until an NFL team reaches out to him.


Jason Ferguson, NT, Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins nose tackle Jason Ferguson has officially called it quits and is retiring, according to reports.

Ferguson was coming off of a quadriceps injury and was likely facing a four-game suspension if he decided to play in 2010.


Clinton Portis, RB, Washington Redskins

Portis has officially been named the starter at running back heading into the 2010 NFL season. Larry Johnson and Willie Parker will battle it out for backup duties.

Portis dropped from 230 pounds to 217, and took Mike Shanahan's comments about offseason conditioning and work ethic to heart. Portis may not be the fantasy beast he once was, but he looks to still hold capable No. 2 RB abilities.


For more fantasy football news , head over to Fantasy Football Sportal .


World Cup 2010: They Think It’s All Over. Sadly, It Is Now… Any Ideas?

July 16th, 2010

The World Cup is over. I'm home. Back in my charming little village in Buckinghamshire, about 25 miles west of London. Great to see the missus and the kids, great to recount the South African tales, great to use the brand-new barbecue, perhaps the only built-in "braai" in historic Chalfont St. Giles!

But there's a hole in my life. The World Cup is over, and like so many others, I'm struggling to remember what I did before the whole thing  started on June 11.
For me, it started years ago of course. I tapped out a book in six weeks last November, a novel which told how the Rainbow Nation's miracle was about to begin. Then I went out for the England cricket tour to South Africa, having set up my blog site with Andy Watts, the local internet guru.
Then South Africa tourism flew me out to their Indaba 2010 conference in early May. Since then, it hasn't stopped. An epic tournament, filled with drama on and off the field.
In brief, here's the statistics from my World Cup:
Newspapers: over 140 articles articles in an estimated 29 different newspapers, from USA Today and the Wall Street Journal in the US, to the Standard and Express in England and all over South Africa with translations appearing in India and Portugal among others. As I clip out the articles to create some kind of record of my trip, I find the Natal Mercury and the Shoot World Cup pull-out (which appeared in the Johannesburg Star, the Cape Argus, the Pretoria News, Natal Mercury and even Kimberley's Diamond Fields Advertiser, produced by the excellent Matshelane Mamabolo and dominated by the super Kevin McCallum) did me proudest.
Television: Apart from the usual Sky News stuff, there were two fascinating appearances on SABC2's Weekend Live plus interviews for Norwegian, Japanese, Indian and Italian television. Never saw those last four, but if anyone did, I hope I did okay!
Radio: nearly 50 crossings with David O'Sullivan on Johannesburg's 702 and CapeTalk's Aiden in the Mother City of South Africa, plus six or seven for BBC Radio 5. I did every Saturday lunch-time on WJR in the US which can be heard in 17 states, a couple with the BBC World Service and Ireland's NewsTalk, five or six for SABC's Radio 2,000 and one for a Portuguese outfit and various snippets for Guatemala, China and Denmark.
On-line: these are the verifiable numbers: YouTube 100,551, 30,129, Bleacherreport 128,730. How many of those are unique, different hits I'm not sure, but it puts up a figure of over 250,000 people.
I don't know how many readers/viewers/listeners actually paid heed to my views. Whether spoken, written or networked, I stuck to my guns.
When the foreign papers began their "South Africa sucks" campaign around April time, I firmly refuted their nonsense, sticking up for a nation which only shrugged off Apartheid 16 years ago.
There will be no bloodbaths, I said when the Daily Star's front page was emailed around the world. The stadiums, roads and hotels will be ready, I said when the Sun and Daily Mail said they were still building sites. The fans will be safe, I said when papers all around the world warned of crime and poor security.
Even on Sky News, when their Emma Hurd was down in Cape Town digging for anti-South African publicity at a squatter camp, I was on air saying such things wouldn't affect the World Cup.
They didn't. None of them. The stadiums were packed, the games started on time, the whole thing was magnificent.
I have made myself extremely unpopular in certain areas for being so outspokenly pro-South Africa. One site suggested I was paid by Durban's city council for being so keen on a 2020 Olympic bid. Rubbish. It's the best Olympic venue I've ever seen, and the official bid is underway now, six months after I first mentioned it here on December 29 of last year during the cricket tour.
An African Olympics is a certainty now. The IOL have been shamed in to it by FIFA's Sepp Blatter, not my favourite man but a visionary of sorts. He knew South Africa could do it, and stuck with them in a world full of doubters.
And ultimately, I should be happy. Crime in South Africa dipped to record lows during the World Cup. Security was perfect, just 170 arrests were made, a miracle of miracles. No bloodbaths, traffic snarl-ups, earthquakes, unfinished infrastructure, lethal snakes. How many times have I written that?
I was right all along. Of course, the foreign papers will make no apologies. None of them will call me and remind me: "Neal, you were right all along, we were wrong." South Africa, rightly, basks in the glory of a tournament which they pulled off with aplomb.
And I should be the happiest man in the world. Look at those stats above. I got the message out there, sold a few copies of my book.
But now it's over. Africa's first World Cup went off with barely a hitch. And here I sit, painting a fence, watering the hanging baskets, going to a school prize-giving, a county cricket final.
But what next? When you've been consumed by a crusade like South Africa 2010, how do you follow it?
Commuting into London has lost any allure it may have once held. The idea of doing shifts on the national newspapers and sniffing out a full-time role appalls me. There's a few Test matches coming up, the Ashes in Australia this winter... the start of the new Premier League season with England's rotten, over-paid let-downs.
Another book? A sequel to A GAME APART? Hardly. At 50p a book I'm never gone to get rich on current sales. Another career? Too late for all that at 49.
What I need is a new crusade. Any ideas? Feel free to leave them below. Help me lift the gloom. Please.



Injury Report Part 2! Deadman Back, Dreamer Hurt, Hall Recovering

July 16th, 2010

Hi guys, I've been so busy with theater(yes, I am a thespian, but one who also does mma) so there's been little time for anything but eat, sleep, Futurama , and YouTube . So here's Injury Report part 2.

Scott Hall's recovery from double pneumonia is advancing. He's off oxygen support and will be released in a few days. Update comes from Hall's online P.R. Manager, Maggie, via twitter.

On the WWE front, NXT rookie Alex Riley's head laceration that was sealed by staples two weeks ago was reopened during the battle royal on NXT. This may mean he will be out of the ring for a couple weeks to help with the healing process. 

Other WWE news, Triple H's image was removed from the Summer Slam poster and was replaced by the Big Show. This is of course due to the surgery that Hunter had recently. But the good news is that the Undertaker's image remains on the poster, leading to general thought from creative that Callaway will be recovered in time for one of the largest PPV's the WWE has all year. 

Other returning WWE stars included Diva, Melina. Melina has recoverd (for the most part) from a torn ACL and is waiting for the green light to return to the ring. 

One final piece of news I have before I go is that during the ECW evasion that occurred during tonights TNA episode, post TV time one of the wrestlers was injured. 

Tommy Dreamer was pushed off the entrance stage by Brother Ray. Dreamer fell onto the ground and subsequently tore his MCL(not kayfabe). Dreamer is in good spirits and posted this on his tweeter. 

"I did tear my MCL in knee Monday night. I must keep my no surgery streak alive. Need brace & tape,gum peanut butter to keep it together"

So that's the info I have for now, hopefully I will have time to write more articles and get my place back in the top 5! Till then, get hating on Linda McMahon!(I kid.....partially)

New Jersey Nets Hire Billy King as GM: Is Mikhail Prokhorov Confused?

July 16th, 2010

It's a well-known fact that throughout the world certain countries receive U.S. imports later than others. There are still some countries that have not yet received Michael Jackson's Thriller, countries full of Members Only jackets and Jordache jeans.

I never thought it would be the world power of Russia, but from what I can gather their sports news is around five years late. How else can you rationalize hiring former Sixers GM Billy King to run your franchise?

Mikhail Prokhorov, I understand you're still mad you didn't get a sniff during "The Decision," but there is no need to give up already. Avery Johnson was a smart pick as a coach, but Billy King as GM...not too much. I think Bill Simmons summed it up best:

If the Russian billionaire wants to make the Nets a contender in five years, as he stated when he bought the team, moves like this won't expedite that. They have already made some questionable front office decisions.

First, they signed Travis Outlaw to a five-year, $35 million deal. Then they picked up Jordan Farmar and John Petro as their top free-agent acquisitions.

Either Prokhorov doesn't understand the U.S.-Russian changeover rate, or this guy is treating this like a fantasy team. Either way you look at it, for a team that went 12-70, none of these moves seem like signs of improvement.

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