Who Could Be Behind The Attack On The Undertaker???

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Please note that this article was written in a kayfabe manner. I wrote everything as it would be explained to us in their respective storylines.

By now, most of us know the condition of the Undertaker. For those who don't, here's a brief recap:

Last week on Smackdown, Undertaker was injured during a match with Rey Mysterio. While on the receiving end of a "seated senton" from Mysterio, Undertaker had his orbital bone broken and suffered a concussion.

Now, these injuries will keep the Undertaker out of action until at least Fatal Four-Way, and more likely, longer.

Due to these developments, WWE have scripted a storyline to write Taker off tv. The storyline is that Kane found Taker in a vegetative state/in a coma after a vicious attack by an unknown assailant.

Now, who could WWE script as the culprit? I have narrowed it down to four men:


1) Kane

This was the first name that popped into my head while watching this weeks Smackdown. We all know of the history between Kane and the Undertaker — Sometimes foe's, sometimes friends.

Now, could Kane be in line for yet another heel turn?

Picture it.

Kane goes on the rampage attacking people and accusing them of attacking Taker while he himself is the culprit. WWE could say that because Kane is "mentally unstable," he went into denial.

His motive — jealousy. Kane is my odds on favourite to be unveiled as the attacker.


2) Jack Swagger

An obvious choice.

He is the World Heavyweight Champion and was scheduled to defend his title against Undertaker and two others at the next PPV.

Who could disagree with the next statement: It is easier to retain your title when Taker is not challenging you for it.

Therefore, why not ave Swagger portrayed as the man who took out Undertaker.

His motive — To get Undertaker out of the title picture. Swagger is one of the likely choices.


3) Rey Mysterio

Another obvious choice.

After being defeated by Undertaker on last weeks Smackdown and therefore failing to qualify for the World Title match, why wouldn't he want to take out Undertaker.

For one thing, it would put him back in the mix to qualify for the title match, which it did and he eventually qualified.

His motive — The World Title. However, Rey remains an unlikely choice as I cannot see him as a heel.


4) The Heart-Break Kid, Shawn Michaels

The chances of it happening are very slim, but he has to be included. What a way it would be to return to WWE — taking out the man who cost you everything, the man who stole one of your most precious possessions, your career.

His motive — revenge. As I said, the chances of it happening are slim to none, but it would make for some great tv!


Thanks for reading and, as always, please let your opinion be known...

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