Manchester United Acquires Javier Hernandez From Chivas of Guadalajara

April 9th, 2010 by Roberto Alvarez-Galloso Leave a reply »

Manchester United announced that it acquired Javier Hernandez, also known as Chicharito, from Chivas of Guadalajara. In their press release, Manchester United announced that it is "proud of the deal" and that it is "waiting for the work permit" from the British Government.

Sir Alex Ferguson who is the manager of Manchester United has expressed his "joy" over the deal.

The deal allows Javier Hernandez to play for the Mexican National Football/Soccer Team for the 2010 World Cup. After the World Cup, Javier Hernandez will play for Manchester United at Old Trafford. Chivas of Guadalajara also received a bonus in the deal.

Chivas of Guadalajara will face Manchester United as soon as the new Estadio Jalisco is completed. Manchester United will be the first non-Mexican team to face Chivas of Guadalajara in the new stadium located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.


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