Hedo Turkoglu In for Detroit Pistons, Tayshaun Prince Out?

June 1st, 2010 by FootBasket Leave a reply »

Hedo Turkoglu wants out of Toronto and the Detroit Pistons want to get rid of Tayshaun Prince's 11 million dollar contract. Doesn't that sound like a perfect trade?

Hedo Turkoglu would fit perfectly into Detroit's offense with Hamilton, Gordon, and Villanueva. Turkoglu would be Detroit's #1 scorer, which Hedo has never been. Even though Hedo only averages 12 point per game in his career, he plays better then what his stats show.

Then, we put Tayshaun Prince with the Toronto Raptors. He would be a better fit then Hedo Turkoglu with Toronto. Prince plays better defense then Hedo too. Prince would be a perfect fit with Toronto.

If this deal were to happen, who would get the better part of the deal? Hedo plays better offense, while Prince plays better defense. I think Hedo going to Detroit would make them a lot better.

Would Hedo guide Detroit to possibly a #8 seed in the playoffs? Hedo could do that for Detroit. I don't think Tayshaun Prince can guide Toronto to the playoffs though. The Raptors are in rebuilding mode, letting Bosh and possibly Hedo leaving.

Don't be suprised if this deal actually happens. It would help both, Toronto and Detroit.


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