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NFL Picks Week 16: Blowout Likely With Minnesota Visiting Philly

December 24th, 2010

Why Minnesota Could Win: Unless the Eagles decide to start their ball boy at quarterback, it's tough to see a situation where the Vikings could win this week. In Monday night's game Minnesota was embarrassed on national television by Chicago, 40-14. Without Adrian Peterson or Brett Favre, the offense failed to look like a professional team, and perhaps for good reason. Joe Webb was recruited as a wide receiver but most small conference teams put their most athletic player at quarterback and let him serve as their primary play maker. In fact, I was under the belief that Webb would be playing wide receiver at the professional level too, but injuries to Favre and Tarvaris Jackson forced the UAB product into action. Webb completed just 15 of 26 passes for 129 yards and two interceptions. Don't anticipate drastically better numbers this weekend.

Why Philadelphia Could Win: As many negative superlatives as I have for the Vikings, I have even more positive ones for the Eagles. Michael Vick's astounding performances have put him in contention with Tom Brady for MVP and have made the Eagles into my team to beat in the NFC. Vick's effortless cannon with DeSean Jackson's track star speed make the two a deadly combination and allow the extremely talented Jeremy Maclin (64 catches, 890 yards and 10 TD) to go mostly unnoticed under the radar. Minnesota's defense isn't bad, but with the offensive consistently giving up bad field position, they could once again give up a ton of points.


Prediction: 38-13 Eagles.

Brett Favre, Rex Ryan and the Weirdest Fetishes in Sports

December 24th, 2010

Today it seems as though there are always some eyebrow-raising occurrences on the other side of sports. It's the off-the-field stuff that can range from humorous to disturbing, from harmless to devastating.

We're going to attempt to tackle the wide range of fetishes that have plagued sports with an emphasis on the most recent era.

These are the 15 Weirdest Fetishes in Sports.

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Brett Favre Vs. Rex Ryan: Who’s the Bigger Sports Deviant?

December 23rd, 2010

The former Jets quarterback and current head coach have been at the forefront of the year’s biggest scandals.

Earlier this season, Deadspin reported that Brett Favre has sent inappropriate text messages and lewd photographs to former Jets Gameday Host Jenn Sterger.

Then just two days ago, the same website released an odd foot-fetish video claiming the woman featured was Michelle Ryan, and the creepy voiceover was none other than her husband Rex. 

This morning, TMZ released an article claiming that Brett Favre asked Sterger for a masturbation video. As if this story could be any weirder. With these two perverse individuals battling it out for creep of the year, we examine who is the biggest deviant: Brett Favre or Rex Ryan.

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Brett Favre: Sexts to Jenn Sterger Included Request For Video

December 23rd, 2010

The Brett Favre sext scandal just won't go away. According to a report from, the future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback allegedly sent Jenn Sterger a request for a video of her masturbating, according to sources close to the investigation. 

For those of you who don't remember, Favre was already in hot water over his contact with the former Jets sideline hostess, when it was revealed that he left suggestive messages on her phone and sent her pictures of his "Little gunslinger". 

The NFL has been investigating the allegations since October, and while the investigation has been ended as of early December, commissioner Roger Goodell has yet to levy any kind of punishment against the quarterback. 

The off-field troubles have only been part of Favre's issues in 2010, as he's battled injuries and poor play all season, in what many speculate could ultimately be his final year in the NFL. 

For more NFL news, check out NFL: 25 Reasons To Be Thankful for Football This Holiday Season

Rex Ryan’s Wife Has Sexy Feet. So What?

December 23rd, 2010

Oh boy Rex, you've really done it now. You're sooooo busted! We all have an amazing amount of evidence that your wife is the mysterious foot model in the numerous videos that appeared on YouTube years ago. Does user name "Ihaveprettyfeet" ring a bell?

It does? Well, I have some more news for you Rex. We (the general public) don't care. Seriously, how is this garnering mountains of news coverage from credible newspapers and websites from around the country? I suppose this is unique and newsworthy because of your high profile Rex...that, and this is pretty unusual. Us sports fanatics love the unusual, we're like gossiping high school girls (SEE Tiger Woods, Brett Favre, etc.)

So, Rex, you say you're embarrassed and that this is a personal matter. Good for you, I couldn't agree more. While you haven't publicly admitted that you're the strange voice behind the camera or that the woman in the videos is your wife, your comments on the matter have provided us with all we need to hear.

We get it...and it's okay. So what's the big deal? You've been married to your wife for 23 years, and you both made a few YouTube videos of what (you consider) to be a very attractive part of her body. Move on America, move on Rex, and move on Jets. After all, you guys have a pretty big game against the Bears coming up.

My advice? You should be commended for being a husband that celebrates his spouse in such a creative way. Rex, you didn't do anything tacky, unlawful or immoral (that we know of) why the embarrassment and undertones of shame in your comments?

Husbands all over the world can learn a lesson from you Rex. In fact, I'm recently engaged myself, and I think I might start things off by asking my fiancee what kind of tasteful and fun video she'd like to post for the world to see that highlights just how beautiful she is.

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