An Inside Look At WWE NXT Season 2

June 2nd, 2010 by John Betschel Leave a reply »

With WWE NXT season one all wrapped up, season two is seemingly looking a little more prominent.

This season, WWE went from having a bunch of unknowns that no one has ever heard of before (except Brian Danielson aka Daniel Bryan), to having more superstars that people will actually want to see.

There are three people in general that will probably have the WWE Universe's captive attention.

The first would be "Husky Harris," a third generation superstar who's Grandfather is Hall Of Famer Blackjack Mulligan, and his Father is future Hall Of Famer Mr. Irwin R. Schyster (I.R.S., aka Mike Rotundo).

Both Harris’s predecessors were superb wrestlers, and his father was also good on the mic mostly in part to his gimmick, so it will be interesting to see what Harris’s in-ring skills are like and how he is on the mic.

The second person is Michael McGillicutty, son of the late great Mr. Perfect.

Now his wrestling name is just awful and I don't know why he wouldn’t go by his real name "Joe Hennig" like so many others have, such as his future stablemate Ted DiBiase Jr.

It sounds a lot better, and people that have never heard of him or seen him before would automatically associate him with his father instead of him having to tell people that.

Mr. Perfect is a Hall of Famer and was one of the best technical wrestlers ever along with being dominant on the mic.

Now I've yet to see McGillicuddy wrestle, but if he has just half the skills his father had, we will be in for a real treat.

The third is one I'm the most familiar with, Kaval.

He has also been known as Low Ki, and in TNA "The Warrior" Senshi.

His skills are unlimited in the ring, in TNA he was a star amongst the X division and his finisher the double foot stomp from the top rope is incredible.

I’m unsure about how that move works, how someone can come off the top rope and jump on his opponent with both feet without seriously injuring them is amazing.

Some are even saying that he is supposedly one of the masked men helping out the Straight Edge Society.

Why they paired him up with Michelle McCool and Layla as his pros is beyond me, I mean what the hell can they teach him?

Ok this is how you dress, and you need to talk like a complete ditz and act like a dumb blonde, also make sure you do cool hand signals for almost everything you say.

Give me a break, maybe the WWE felt this guy already knows what he is doing so were just going to put two hot chicks next to him so he looks that much better.

Those three guys are going to make this season very interesting and I'd bet good money that one of those three will be the winner of the second season.

The other rookies also seem a lot more promising than season one's.

You have Eli Cottonwood, a 7 foot, 300-pounder who could be dominant in the ring.

With John Morrison as his pro, if he listens to what Morrison has to say and follows his instructions, we could be seeing some big things from this guy, no pun intended.

Percy Watson seems like he is going to be good on the mic but not to sure about how his wrestling skills will be, it will be interesting to see how his does under the guidance of his pro MVP.

Titus O'Neil real name Thaddeus Bullard, was a former defensive end for the Florida Gators and has got the physique that the WWE looks for and has most definitely got the power game.

Pairing him with Zach Ryder, though? Well I guess they have to have one Daniel Bryan-Miz type relationship where one is the complete opposite of the other.

Ryder does have some good in ring ability though, no matter how much I hate his gimmick.

I have a feeling though these two are going to but heads more than Miz and Bryan did.

Speaking of The Miz, he is back for season two, and his pro is current FCW Champion Alex Riley.

If the Miz had a baby, it would grow up to be Alex Riley, from the preview I saw these two go together like Christmas and Santa Claus.

He is probably the best mic worker among his combatants, but once again never seeing him wrestle, I can't say anything about his in ring skills.

Last of all, we have a guy by the name of Lucky Cannon, well if you ask me there’s nothing lucky about him from his little intro I saw nothing made him stand out not his mic skills and not his wrestling skills.

With Mark Henry as his pro, things aren't looking to good for this young rookie, the only thing Henry has going for him is he is his Worlds Strongest Man gimmick, he can't really wrestle if you ask me.

I would not be shocked if he is the first rookie eliminated.

They should take out this Lucky Cannon and bring back Daniel Bryan, except this time as Bryan Danielson.

That is if the WWE doesn't bring him up to the main roster.

All in all I think season two of NXT is looking to be better than season one in my opinion.

Comment and let me know what you think, is there is a specific rookie you are looking forward to seeing?

Do you think the rookies this season are turning out to be better than season one, thus making the show better?

You tell me, thanks for reading!

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