Undertaker’s Vegetation Sprouts The Re-Rise of Kane

June 5th, 2010 by Bryan Veloso Leave a reply »

It's no mystery to the IWC that something went horribly wrong with the much anticipated after-Wrestlemania comeback of the legendary Undertaker. With injuries that have been reported to be more serious than first reported, all we can send at this point are good wishes that The Phenom will make it back in good time.

This has been an interesting week for the WWE.

I had written about Evan Bourne's superstar-like push this Monday on RAW and SmackDown seemed to be no different, with Theodore Long saying that the Undertaker was found in a vegetative state by his brother Kane.

What followed was surprising; the casket came out, the choir was in full swing. Then—that unforgettable splash of red. Kane came out and started pushing a story that the Undertaker was done.

"Gone are the days where the Undertaker will walk amongst us."

It was the most moving thing Kane has done in recent memory after being branded a jobber by a good portion of the IWC. Did they have to go this far? Saying that the Unholy One was gone for good? Whatever you may think, it did do two things.

First , it gave the Undertaker a blank calendar.

Second , it gave the Big Red Machine a much needed chance.

What followed the well-played eulogy was a span of promos showing Kane cornering the likes of CM Punk, Big Show, The "All-American American" and Ray Mysterio about their potential involvement in the "cowardly" beating.

Give those names a good look and I'm sure that the fact that Ray won tonight's SmackDown Battle Royal for Undertaker's vacant spot isn't entirely a coincidence. 

Many people around the Bleacher Report have been commenting on how Kane had his moment stolen by the Ultimate Underdog, but Kane's loss shouldn't be seen as being reduced to his role as a jobber—yet.

While many would beg to differ, there are some mighty good legs on this angle. The management wouldn't have wasted their time with about 20 minutes of promos about the coming " vengeance" if they thought it should have ended tonight. No, what's to come is something that Kane has needed for a long time—a storyline.

Whether or not that storyline includes a taste of the gold is yet to be seen, but in the grand scheme of things, it isn't important. This is a chance for the management to give Kane more screen time, more ring time and ultimately a grand close to come full circle to tonight's grand opening. At the very least, Kane will be brought back into his element as the search for his brother's assaulter continues.

Depending on how deep they want to go, this has SummerSlam or even Survivor Series written all over it. All we can do now—is wait.


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