Evan Longoria and the Most Embarrassing Naked Athlete Pictures

May 26th, 2010 by Tim Wood Leave a reply »
It is without doubt one of the most disturbing in sports today. Athletes are self-centered to begin with. They have to believe that everything they do is the best thing ever. The mindset and bravado is sometimes just as important as the talent. Evan Longoria is allegedly the latest athlete to prove that he's No. 1 in the naked junk department as well. A photo that a woman is claiming to be Longoria's penis circa 2006 during his Cape Cod League days has surfaced on Barstool Sports. No apology from Longoria yet. No one's going to drop him off their fantasy baseball team for this, but seriously Evan? File under "awkward" and "put that away". Judging from the 12 other athletes on this list, we need to start taking their camera phones away.

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