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Brett Favre: Why He Will Return For a 20th Season

April 10th, 2010

Once again the world is left in limbo wondering if NFL ironman Brett Favre will retire or return for yet another season.

Last season Favre, 40, came out of semi-retirement once again and signed with the Minnesota Vikings just before their second preseason game.

He had undergone surgery to repair a torn biceps tendon that had nagged him the previous season in New York.

Favre went on to put together, arguably, one of the best seasons in his 19-year career. He ended the regular season with 383 completions, for 4,202 passing yards and 33 touchdowns. His pass completion percentage, which was 68.5 percent, marks a new high for his career.

The Vikings ended the season with a 12-4 record and made the playoffs. They beat Dallas, but ultimately lost to New Orleans Saints, who went on to win the Super Bowl.

At 40 years old and with a new team, Brett Favre came out and played some of the best football he has ever played. And now it's time to start asking the question again: Will he come back for another season?

Favre is becoming as famous for his wavering on retirement as he is for what he does on the field. The Vikings have publicly stated that they would like him back and that there is no deadline for him to make up his mind. Of course what they are really saying is that Brett doesn't need to come to any offseason programs.

It was widely speculated that Favre waited as long as he did last year to make his decision because he didn't want to take part in training camp.

Favre was on the Tonight Show a few weeks ago, and Jay Leno asked him about his plans. Favre did his typical "well I'm going to take some time off and see where I'm at later on towards the beginning of the next season."

He said that he wasn't retired, but then he quickly said he wasn't sure he was going to play either.

Ya know what? I believe him. I really believe that, at this point, Brett Favre really doesn't know if he will return. I also believe he will eventually decide to lace those cleats up for one more season.

Anyone who saw the Sears commercial where Favre is contemplating buying a new Samsung HD flat screen surely got a good laugh out of it. In the commercial Favre listens to the employees sales pitch and responds with, "I'll take it." Then he thinks about it and says, "I don't know..."

It was nice to see Brett making fun of himself a little bit and acknowledging that he knows it can be frustrating to fans, teammates, and coaches while he decides if he wants to continue to play or not.

After all, it is becoming an every year occurrence that we await the "Favre Saga" and listen to the media talk about why, or why not, he should just retire. This year will be no different.

He had a great ride with the Vikings last year, but the ending was sure to leave a bitter taste in his mouth. Fave is famous for being a gun-slinger. It's how he has always played the quarterback position. He can drive coaches crazy with his high-risk, high-reward style of play. And in Favre's last pass attempt as a Viking, he took a risk, and it proved to very costly.

The game was tied at 28 and went into overtime. Favre threw an ill-advised pass across his body while trying to escape pressure and watched as Saints defensive back, Tracy Porter, caught it for an interception. The Saints went on to kick the game winning field goal and earn a trip to Miami to face the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV.

I believe that, at this point in time, Favre probably believes that he will not return this season and is leaning towards permanent retirement. But when the season starts approaching and he starts getting the itch to pick up a football again, I think Favre will want to get that taste out of his mouth.

The time will come where Favre will start looking at his entire body of work and realize that he doesn't want his legacy to end on that note. If he can still play, and we know he can, then he will be back to rewrite the ending once again.

Favre also wants to win one more championship, and the Vikings are still the best opportunity for him to do that. Most of the cast from last year is returning this year, and Favre developed a good relationship with his young receivers. Sidney Rice had an enormous breakout year, emerging as Fare's favorite target. He also has Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson.

Peterson may be one of the key factors who ultimately persuades Brett to come back, because even if his body does begin to break down as the season progresses, Peterson can handle the load. That's one of the advantages to having the league's best young running back on your team.

Eventually the day will come where Brett Favre will have to look himself in the mirror and know that he cannot physically still compete at the high level he has been accustomed to for so long. That day hasn't come yet, and Favre can still sling it with the best of them.

As time passes that bad taste in his mouth will get worse, the itch will be stronger, and Favre will step onto the field once again.


NFL’s Best Quarterback Right Now

April 10th, 2010

Who is the best quarterback?

It's a great question with a lot of differing opinions, but one thing is consistent—they always bring up the same names: Manning (Peyton, that is), Brady, and Favre.

Yes, only time will tell...or it won't because it will still be debated.

Brett Favre

Favre is a great QB. He has made some spectacular plays over the course of his career. He has never got injured enough that he missed a game, but he's not as great as he's made out to be.

Like I said earlier, he has made some spectacular plays, but he had to make those plays because of a mistake he made earlier. While those plays are amazing they don't always make up for his mistakes.

He often throws into double coverage, and forces the ball into places he shouldn't. He throws far to many interceptions in my opinion to be considered among the greats.

Tom Brady

Brady is without a doubt a hall of fame QB, but why is he a great QB?

Could it be the system that he plays in?

Look at the facts. When Brady went down two years ago, and what happened?

A young quarterback by the name of Matt Cassell came in and played quarterback, and some said their season was over without Brady.

They were wrong.

A quarterback who never really played at college was able to lead that team to victory.

The next season he was traded to the Chiefs and he sucks.

Yes, Tom Brady has on three Super Bowl rings. What it all comes down to is that Bill Belichick is the brains behind the success of Tom Brady.

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is without a doubt the smartest quarterback in the  game.

Does that make him the best?


His ability to read the defense, call audibles at the line is leaps and bounds above all other quarterbacks. His accuracy is unparalleled. He has a very quick release thus avoiding getting sacked. He reads through his progressions very well and finds the open receivers. He doesn't  force the ball like some other quarterbacks .

He rarely gets sacked and rarely throws interceptions.

His mobility leaves a lot to be desired, but he stands confident in the pocket which is good enough. His leadership is unmatched and what this conversation comes down to is: you're down by six and need a touchdown to win it...who do you want marshaling your team down the field.

The answer to that is I would want Peyton manning above all other quarterbacks in history.

Because on any given Sunday you're either going to win or lose. I prefer to win though.

With Donovan McNabb Going to Redskins, Is Brett Favre’s Return Imminent?

April 7th, 2010

Perhaps Vikings head coach Brad Childress knows something we don't know.

With Childress' protege Donovan McNabb on the trade block in Philadelphia, the Vikings seemed to be front runners in the McNabb sweepstakes.

Childress was McNabb's QB coach from 1999-2002 and his offensive coordinator from 2003-2005.

Childress personally lobbied the Eagles to select McNabb with the second pick of the 1999 NFL Draft ahead of other top-rated quarterbacks like Akili Smith, Daunte Culpepper, and Cade McNown.

The Vikings are becoming known for making splashes during the offseason, most recently the acquisitions of Brett Favre, Steve Hutchinson, Bernard Berrian, and Jared Allen.

If Childress wanted McNabb, he could have gotten him.

But only one thing stood in the way of McNabb coming to Minnesota.

Brett Favre.

The NFL legend who led the Vikings to the doorstep of the Super Bowl last season is still undecided if he will return or retire.

This is a different scenario than last offseason, when the Vikings were waiting for Favre to sign. This time, Favre is under contract.

With the Vikings not actively pursing McNabb, it has to lead fans to believe that Favre is expected by Vikings management and coaches to return for a 20th NFL season.

Brittany Favre make’s Papa Brett a Grandpa in the NFL

April 7th, 2010

The father of Pro Bowl Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Jr, a long-time journalist for the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, broke a story this week that Brett Favre just might become the NFL’s first active player to be a grandfather.

Brittany Favre, Brett’s 21-year-old daughter, just gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and the soon-to-be Hall of Fame quarterback confirmed the news on his website .

"Deanna and I are very proud to welcome our grandchild Parker Brett to the Favre family," Favre said. "Parker Brett was born on Friday, April 2, weighing seven pounds, seven ounces, and we're pleased to say that both Mom, Dad and Parker Brett are healthy and doing great. "

Favre’s youngest daughter, Breleigh, is only 10-years-old.

I guess now it would be appropriate for his Vikings teammates to call him "Gramps" in the locker room.

Favre is no stranger to the Raleigh area. His Golden Eagles of Southern Miss lost to NC State in the 1991 All-American Bowl – his last collegiate football game. You can’t walk down Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh during the football season and not see at least one throwback Green Bay Packers #4 jersey. Also, how many times have Raleigh fans driven to Charlotte to see Favre play against the hometown Carolina Panthers?

Favre is even the co-founder of Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure, with twelve locations across the country – including Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte. There is no doubt Favre is one of the most marketable athletes/celebrities in pop culture today, and very well known in the Raleigh area.

The only thing that is in doubt is whether or not "Gramps" will return to fulfill his destiny as possibly the NFL’s first grandpa QB.

Originally posted at Raleigh Top News Examiner John Wood

Brittany Favre Photos: Brett Favre’s Daughter To Make Him A Grandpa

April 7th, 2010
News hit today that Brett Favre's daughter, Brittany, is pregnant. Now, this isn't normally that big of a deal, but when you realize that this could very possibly make Brett Favre the first grandfather ever to play in the NFL, it starts to become a little more fascinating. Let's take a look at his little girl that will put truth in every time an opposing player calls Favre "Gramps" next year.

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