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2010 NBA Draft Results: Jazz Deliver NCAA Hero Gordon Hayward in Draft Lottery

June 26th, 2010

Man o man was the reception mixed by Jazz fans after the announcement of forward Gordon Hayward was announced as the ninth overall pick.  Yes, some may say the Jazz are taking a big risk drafting the 6'8 211lbs forward out of Butler.

Then again, the upside and potential Hayward has is enormous. He helped guide a five seed champions out of the Horizon League to the national title game against Duke.  When nobody still gave them respect in that game, they just barely came up short.

Hayward had two attempts in the closing seconds to take the lead but failed to deliver.  What he did in his two seasons at Butler was incredible he had every right to enter the draft and is the reason why he was taken in the lottery.

The kid can flat out play.  Shame on Jay Bilas for comparing him to Oregon's Luke Jackson.  That's a terrible analogy quite frankly Hayward is leaps and bounds better than he ever was.

Now let's not get ahead of ourselves, the development of Hayward is going to take some time.  First of all he has to get bigger so that he can compete with the physical players down low.

At his size it is important that he is able to add some muscle to go along with the length and athleticism that he already presents.  Most analysts assume he will play the three spot, because he is too big to be a two-guard.

It is expected that he will most likely start out coming off the bench behind Milsapp or Kirilenko.  This will be a good opportunity for him to learn the game and be able to contribute behind the starters.

His impressive jump-shooting ability and great workout is what propelled him in the Top 10 selection of the NBA Draft.  Many people thought that Luke Babbitt out of Nevada was the pick here for Utah.

The Jazz showed that Hayward's maturity and dedication to the game was part of the reason they rolled the dice with him here.  Jerry Sloan loved his character and meeting with him when they worked him out.

Having a player that wants to get better and knows what they are working for can pay tremendous dividends in the end.

There is a lot of talk and bicker about Utah taking the Butler star here with this pick.  Especially with the likes of Aldrich, Davis, Henry, and Babbitt still on the board.

Give it some time.  Let's just see how Hayward is able to adjust and transition to the NBA style and pace of play.

I for one believe he is going to be a solid pro who eventually is starting and producing at a high level.  The upside and caliber player he is leads me to believe he will be a successful player in the NBA.

Guess we will just have to wait and see.

Why Is Michael Vick Always Surrounded By Trouble?

June 26th, 2010

Micheal Vick.

You hear that name and instantly begin to sigh. So much potential in that man, so much talent that could be put to good use if only he had a good head on his shoulders.

Almost everyone knows about the dogfighting scandal that jailed Vick for 21 months, so there is no need to elaborate on that. But over Memorial Day weekend, Vick took a lump-sum of $5,000 to attend a party at a club, then decided not to go after he missed his flight. He did not return the funds because they were a guaranteed advance in good faith that he would attend.

Earlier today, it was released that there was a shooting at Vick's 30th birthday party. It didn't directly involve Vick, but the sheer fact that it happened at the same location where he was celebrating does raise eyebrows. Quanis Phillips, a co-defendant in the Vick dogfighting case, was shot at the Virginia Beach nightclub. The officers reported that Phillips and many other witnesses were "very uncooperative," but they did describe the shooter as a black man in a white Cadillac Escalade. Currently the authorities are not interested in Micheal Vick.

But what does Rodger Goodell have to say?

So far Goodell has yet to comment. However, upon Vick's reinstatement into the NFL, Goodell stated that Vick must keep clean in order to keep his Job.

I understand that Vick is strapped for cash after claiming bankruptcy, but maybe he should keep out of the clubs.

At least for awhile!

Costly Mistakes: Tiger Woods Divorce Will Be Historically Expensive

June 26th, 2010

Well Tiger, there's no easy way to get out of this conundrum. Your actions and conduct over the last few years are going to cost a lot money.

Elin is approaching a settlement worth $750,000,000 and an $80,000,000 mansion.

That's almost $1 billion.

Absolutely absurd. 

I guess when cheating and affairs are on the table and marriage has been past the point of no return, this is where it leaves Tiger Woods.

Tiger is one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game, and hopefully finalizing this will help him move on as he tries to win his first golf tournament since this all came out.

Through statements, press conferences, and media attention, can't this Tiger Woods story just be put to the rest?  Let the man get on with his life and try and do what he has been chasing his entire life: Jack Nicklaus's record of eighteen major championships.

Aside from the money that Tiger is forking over, he is not allowed to introduce any of his girlfriends to his children, only if or when he chooses to get married again.  Unfortunately for Elin, she is not permitted to write and sign a book deal about the ordeal.

Poor her, she won't have any extra few millions to do some type of tell all about how this relationship spiraled out of control.  I could care less—she sure has a unbelievable amount of money for the rest of her life.

Sure, Tiger Woods has won a ton of money and earned endorsement deals, but $900,000,000 is downright crazy to think that's what he is settling at after cheating on her.

This brings cost in a divorce case to a new level.  There has to be some sort of confidentiality clause in the agreement so that at least Tiger can pay Elin to keep quiet on whatever went on between the two of them.

They have their family, and that is none of the public's business.

Let them live their lives too; they are human beings.

For Tiger, let's just hope this is a new beginning as he tries to become a better man and forget about the past. 

When this divorce is officially a done deal, it will go down as one of the largest settlements in history.  This is a tall price to pay, but let it end what has been a long seven months for Woods and his family.


Snore: Brazil, Portugal Play To Bore Draw: FIFA World Cup Day 14 Grades

June 26th, 2010

Portugal and Brazil drew 0-0, which meant that both qualified as the Ivory Coast's 3-0 win over North Korea wasn't enough to see them through. Meanwhile Switzerland couldn't find a way past Honduras, while Spain beat 10-man Chile 2-1. Chile and Spain qualified.

Portugal/Brazil (E)

If football be the food of love, then this Portugal-Brazil game was meant to be a Romeo and Juliet match-up that quickly became the same-language speaking marriage from hell. Bad tempered, bad refereed, and full of plain 'bad', this game was plain dreadful, highlighted by Juan's deliberate handball that was not called. What's next? With both going through, Brazil will face Chile while Portugal will face Spain. Let's hope for some football instead of a clinic in cheating.

Spain (C)

Favorites? Really? For the second time in three games, the Spanish looked more the perennial underachievers we've been used to in World Cup football and less the favorites who had a line-up to have us all drooling. The back line looked slow against Chile's attack, although Villa and Iniesta's finishes prove that going forward this side will be trouble. There's a theory going round that the big sides haven't acclimatized quick enough to the South African air, and if they are wrong, then Spain will be in trouble against the feisty Portuguese. What's next? Spain vs Portugal. We can't wait.

Switzerland (C)

Switzerland may have profited from a Spain slip-up in the first game, but it's really been downhill since then. Switzerland huffed and puffed and couldn't blow Honduras' house down, and hence won't be playing a part in the last 16. What's next? Warming up for ski season, probably.

Chile (B)

Chile outplayed the favorites for large parts of their 2-1 loss, and they've certainly been one of the more formidable sides of the first round. They are a lot of fun going forward, even if their strategy of passing it inside their own six yard box is somewhat risky. What's next? A truly mouthwatering date with Latin American rivals Brazil.

North Korea (D)

One great performance and two shoddy ones finally caught up with everyone's favorite second team, and the 3-0 defeat by Ivory Coast definitely showed a bit of character. What's next? We hate to think.

Ivory Coast (C-)

Needing a ton of goals to beat North Korea, a 3-0 victory certainly wasn't satisfying. Maybe they should have played better in Game one against Portugal, instead of sitting back for most of the game. Oh, and Didier Drogba was a disappointment. What's next? Golf.

Honduras (B-)

Already out of the competition after two straight defeats, we expected little Honduras to fold against Switzerland, but they certainly proved equal to the task, and came away with a deserved point. We can't wait to see more of the Hondurans, who will certainly trouble their South American neighbours for years to come.

2010 NBA Draft Recap: Did Joe Dumars Get the Right Man?

June 26th, 2010

Before the draft, Pistons president Joe Dumars issued a statement on what he was looking for as the Pistons moved forward as a team.

"We didn't play with the same grit and toughness that we played with over the past 10 years," Dumars said. "That's the whole focus right now for us is to get back to the grit and toughness that's identified us for the past decade."

"What I didn't like was the way that we played this year," he said. "What I didn't like was the lack of toughness we had. What I didn't like was the grit that we didn't show this year. All those things bothered me just as much as the losses themselves, just the way we lost."

Greg Monroe

Given this criteria, the selection of Greg Monroe seems like a strange one. Obviously, Dumars' first choice was DeMarcus Cousins, but he was unable to pull the trigger on a move that would bring the talented yet enigmatic power forward to Detroit (I still wouldn't rule out a trade in the coming days, since Sacramento was high on Monroe as well).

Who knows, maybe the teams that Dumars talked with wanted too much, perhaps Rodney Stuckey and Jonas Jerebko. Regardless, Dumars missed out on Cousins and that is probably just as well. Cousins has the potential to be a star, but he also has the potential to be a train wreck.

What seems very curious, however, is the fact that Dumars had plenty of other options at number seven that would more obviously fit his rationale of toughness. Ed Davis is a tough player with plenty of upside. Same goes for Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich, and even Kevin Seraphin.

Now this is not to say that Monroe is not a talented player. He absolutely is. But when you look at his scouting reports, the same things come up. "Lack of toughness", "passive", "disappears", "rebounding a concern". These are not magic words for Pistons fans.

What Pistons fans are looking for is a beast that will assert his presence, take the ball and play with a chip on his shoulder. The Pistons do not want a big man with finesse and a feathery left-handed shooting touch. We had one of those the last time we drafted in the lottery and we all know how well that turned out.

Overall, Monroe does supply the Pistons with a strong big man that will amaze with his passing ability and a solid back-to-the-basket offensive skill set. He won't, however, make fans forget about Ben Wallace in his prime, let alone Bill Laimbeer on the defensive glass.

Monroe will be able to step right in and start right away if he puts his head down and gets to work. The Pistons would also be wise to re-sign Ben Wallace to act as a Crash Davis-like mentor to the big man, and make the kid follow him to the weight room on a daily basis.

There are a few things that you can not teach. One of them is size, which the young man has. However, one of the other things is toughness, and only time will tell if all the scouts were wrong about him. Here's hoping they were.

Terrico White

As for how the rest of the draft went for Detroit, the second-round pick of Terrico White is an interesting pick to say the least. To the outside eye, one would be tempted to blast Dumars for selecting yet another shooting guard with limited experience running the point. Heading into the draft, point guard was the second most glaring position of need for Detroit.

However, a few things make this pick a good one. First, the draft was exceptionally thin at point guard. Dumars likely had his eye on Greivis Vazquez from Maryland, but when he went in the first round, it was likely on to plan B.

Plan B was probably Armon Johnson, but when Portland took him, it was on to plan C. This brought us to White.

The second thing that makes him a good pick is the fact that while Detroit is very deep at shooting guard today, they likely will not have the same roster when the season begins in October. Dumars has plenty of options at his disposal between free agency and trades, and I would be shocked if at least one of the swing players was not dealt.

Therefore, he can use these other routes to secure a pure point guard, and then utilize White for what he brings to the table.

White is a dazzling scorer, someone capable of coming off the bench and providing an immediate lift. He also has the athleticism that could make him a stellar defender as well as fast break finisher. If coach John Kuester allows his offense to open up a little bit, which will be a lot easier given Monroe's ability to run the court and supply excellent outlet passes, White could be the recipient of some air-bending alley-oops.

Bottom Line

Detroit had a good, not great draft. They drafted for talent as well as need as Monroe and White were probably the best players available at the time they were selected.

Were each of these players somewhat curious picks considering what Dumars is looking for? Maybe.

Were there players available that may have fit Detroit a little bit better? Probably.

But at the end of the day, Dumars had a solid if unspectacular draft, and each of these players should help the Pistons. They are still a few players away from playoff contention so look for Detroit to become active players as the summer winds down.

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