John Wooden: The Pyramid For Success

June 5th, 2010 by Ezri Silver Leave a reply »

Maybe John Wooden could be thought of by many as being someone who was old enough to "have know when the pyramids were built" first hand but to those that knew his coaching methods, Wooden was not only an athletic—but also life—coach.

On Friday, June 4th 2010, John Wooden—at the literal—ripe old age of 99, left this world.

Yet Wooden's mark on the game will be forever inprinted upon coaches and players alike. 

Additionally, those that learned as players or as bystanders, will also sorely miss the Wizard of Westwood.

Bill Walton and Kareem Abdul Jabar are two names imprinted upon my late '70s early '80s development—both Wooden products. 

Each team these two superstars touched were left with the intelligence, leadership, and tenacity that the simple son of a midwestern farmer from a time foreign to the present digital generation could only impart upon such willing individuals.

Even Walton, who was more hippy than hoop star in college, learned something that was truly behind the Wooden pyramid featured here—humility. 

This attribute alone is the one professional atheletes today have lost amongst the inordinate piggy banks they have filled. 

Wooden was a class act and will be missed.  Like the almost perfect game this week, he nearly reached a perfect century but though Wooden did not turn 100, he was truly 100%.

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