SEC Expansion: Who Will Join America’s Elite Conference?

June 12th, 2010 by Derek Smith Leave a reply »

With all of the changes occurring in college football these days, more moves are sure to come. And an expansion of the Southeastern Conference seems more likely with each passing moment.

As recently as yesterday, teams such as Texas, Oklahoma and Texas A&M were all said to have an interest in joining the SEC; it was reported that Oklahoma actually petitioned the SEC for admittance.

The SEC currently has six teams in its two divisions, the SEC West and SEC East.  The Southeastern Conference is proud of its championship game, and will not alter that in any way.

If one team joins the SEC, others will surely follow.  The SEC will make sure it has an equal number of teams in each division to maintain the balance of each team having a shot to play in the SEC championship game.

I personally do not want the SEC to expand beyond 14 teams. But with all of the schools being left out in the cold by the Pac-10 expansion, a 16 team expansion is a more likely scenario for the Southeastern Conference.

With Boise State leaving the WAC today, anything is possible. J ust minutes ago, Nebraska informed the Big 12 it will be leaving to join the Big Ten, and Colorado will become part of the Pac-10 expansion.

There is truth to the reports of a few Texas teams wanting to join the SEC—it’s just not official yet.  I expect by this time next week we will know a lot more about who is going where. 

As I said in a previous article , if big name schools like Texas become a part of the SEC, it will probably be reason enough to open up their current 15 year contract for re-negotiation. Texas is a major market and could provide even more revenue to the SEC.

At this point it is nothing but speculation. But I assure you the SEC will not sit back and watch the face of college football change, without being a part of it. 

In a few years we will see new rivalries created and even more major upsets by teams like Boise State and Utah.  And we may even see an eight-team playoff develop from all of this madness; God knows NCAA football needs one.

But just as I am finishing this article, I hear that Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will all announce they are going to the Pac-10.  Orangebloods has the full story. 

I guess we will have to wait and see what happens with the SEC. It will also be very interesting to see how things shake out with the BCS bowl bids!

Signing off and Roll Tide,

Derek Smith

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