FIFA 2011: Five Ways To Make a Better Game

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If you love soccer, then it goes probably without saying that you know the game of FIFA. Every morning I wake up, every time I get a chance to spend some spare time, I draw myself to the PC to play the game, if not many times, then at least once.

It generates some immense good feeling inside while you play the game with your favorite players and your loving squads and it distributes a sense of "I am the King" in your veins when your favorite club smashes the rivals by a good margin. Wham Wham!!!

However, as every genius has some loophole, the game has got its own drawbacks or cons as we may say. FIFA 2010 was a massive hit as usually expected but it came along with some flaws which, if corrected in the next version, will result in a better game from EA this time.


1. A Better Commentary

While Clive Tyldesley takes on the main charge of the duty along with his partner Andy Gray, this sometimes get too boring for the game. The repetitive lines like "he would love to have the ball for sure" or "it was not the delivery that was needed, was it?" are too common at times.

Also, you will find in FIFA 10 that sometimes the commentary goes wrong, like a freekick given to the defending team near their penalty box is called "dangerous position!" How can it be?

Variation is the key with improved AI in commentary to make the game a better one. More and more player names should be added to the game's sound engine to add to the commentary. 


2. An Improved Transfer Window

If you are a soccer maniac, you will be having plenty of interest in the transfer window. Sometimes, it acts as the hottest part of the game. We all love transfers.

While FIFA 10 lacks swaps in its transfer window, the next version must include this form of transfer in the game. Moreover, the game does not allow transfer offers to rival clubs, which should not be the case. 

Negotiations can be improved with better twists and competition from the other clubs during the transfer window. You need to play the game interesting each time you play it, so twists and turns in the transfer window should be focused on.


3. Improved moves and skills for players

PES 2010 definitely enjoys more style and skills than FIFA. While the players grow and gain strength, we demand more free form of playing and more easy controls of skills to make the game a more beautiful experience. 

FIFA 10 was an improved version from the previous ones in skills but the controls are not always easy and the moves are not that satisfying like PES 10. So, it needs to be improved in its next release.


4. Justified Ratings For Players

This is perhaps the most serious drawback from EA. Most of the players are either overrated or underrated. Overrating is the most common case though. 

Have you seen what rating Anderson has got? Or even players like Zarate or Keirrison? These are hyped ones. The AI should be such that if the players play good and score good, then their ratings and overall should increase.

Then, you can feel proud like Ferguson or Wenger that yes, you have made magic out of a scratch in the manager mode. 


5. A Little More Challenging, a Much Better Game

Scoring has been so easy in FIFA 10. When you are skilled enough to switch over to the world class mode here, don't you still find the games easy? The goalkeeper is rarely seen to be a terror for the scorers and the scoreboard often reads big wins like 5-1.

Challenge is the key. If people get satisfied and achieve big wins in two months of buying and playing the game, then they will finally get bored. Hence, the game should be made a little more challenging one to keep adding to the interest of the lovers of the game.

In the end, I am thankful to EA sports for such a wonderful creation and giving us this game year after year. It is the best on mother earth. This time, I hope we will get a better one than the best from EA again. What do you think?

Let's FIFA 2011 (we are dying to say this!!!)

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