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Ring Rap with Matt: Mickie James, TNA Talent Unhappy, and More!

August 9th, 2010

It seems that, as of late, there has been a nice little spurt of wrestling news popping up. Instead of just posting up one article of a time, I figured it would be easier for me and you to just post a few things at once. I will be posting up the news when it comes in, and I will call the series, "Ring Rap with Matt." We have a lot coming in, so I will just get right to the news.


Mickie James Going to TNA

It seems that former WWE diva Mickie James isn't ready to throw in the towel yet. It is being reported that she is currently in talks with TNA. According to Mickie, working with TNA would not only accommodate her music career, but it would also be easier for her to be with her family.

Adding Mickie to the Knockouts division would greatly improve the current watered-down division. She is very talented and can be thrown in instant feuds with any female on the roster. I will keep everyone posted as more comes in.


Grumblings in TNA Land

According to the Wrestling Observer, the TNA wrestlers are very unhappy campers. It is being said that the TNA wrestlers are not required to show up for the upcoming Hardcore Justice PPV. The major issue is TNA wrestlers are paid per appearance. If they are not at the PPV, then they will be missing out on a PPV payday.

It seems to me that this PPV is starting to become more of problem than its worth. I do not envy Dixie Carter right now. She has had a lot to deal with as of late. With Jerry Lynn out, the possibility of a lawsuit, and now possible unhappy talent, she may just be in over her head.


Randy Savage Signs with WWE Again

It has been confirmed by many sources that "Macho Man" Randy Savage has signed a legends contract with WWE. It is being said that WWE wanted to sign him in order to make an action figure of him in their new line coming out.

This does leave him open for future work with the company. He can make appearances amongst many other things. It will be interesting to see if WWE takes advantage of the situation. Considering he is rumored to be put in the Hall of Fame, it would make sense to sign him.


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NFL Predictions for 2010 Season: Top 10 Running Backs (With Video)

August 9th, 2010

In the National Football League, it takes a lot to be a running back. Opposing defenses get bigger, faster, and stronger each season, resulting in many teams turning to the recently popular, two-back attack. However, some of the running backs in the NFL are alone in their respective backfields, and continue to produce year in and year out.

With the upcoming season quickly approaching, let's take a look at the top 10 running backs in the NFL, complete with highlight videos!

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Chicago Bulls Sign Keith Bogans, But Why?

August 8th, 2010

The search for the 12th man is over now that the Bulls have come to terms with veteran shooting guard Keith Bogans on a two year deal worth $2.5 million.

I have read a lot the past few days about how this is a great move for the Bulls and the search for another shooter is over. However, I just don't see it.

Bogans, 6'5", a 30 year old guard and seven year veteran out of the University of Kentucky is not an accomplished shooter. A career 39.4 field goal shooter with a 35.1 three point shooter and 72.1 free throw percentage doesn't sound like a great shooter to me. He has never shot higher then 41 percent from the field and never higher than 39 percent from three point land and while he shot 91.2 percent from the free throw line during the 2008-2009 season, his six other seasons show that it was a fluke.

During Bogans' seven seasons he has played for five teams including San Antonio, Milwaukee, Charlotte, Houston and two stints with the Orlando Magic.

Some have looked at the amount of games he has started and think that it means something. The Spurs started him in 50 games last season but he only played in 19.7 minutes a night.

As an end of the bench guy, I guess Bogans is an ok pickup but the way people have thrown the praise around I just don't get it. He doesn't have a lot of playoff experience only playing in 18 games, all in two seasons (10 with Magic in 07-08 and eight with Spurs last season). As I showed earlier he is not a great shooter. The only thing he brings is being a tough defender and has a tie to new head coach Tim Thibodeau during their time in Houston.

In no way does this move provide the same upside as if the Bulls had signed Tracy McGrady but it also doesn't come with the potential headache that may come up.

Reportedly the Bulls are still very much a live in trade talks with the Blazers for guard Rudy Fernandez. who would provide exactly the type of all around offensive punch the team has been looking for to put alongside Derrick Rose. Rumor has it the Bulls offering a future first round pick while the Blazers have been asking for Taj Gibson, which will not happen. Fernandez has made it very well known he is unhappy with his playing time in Portland and has even talked about returning to Spain.

With the Bulls addition of Bogans the team is still one player short of the NBA minimum of 13 players and with cap space still available they are still very much alive in free agency (T-mac) or possible trades (Fernandez) or they may end up going cheap and signing someone from their summer league.

One thing is for sure the Bulls continue to add depth and thanks to all the big names the Celtics and Heat have added they will stay under the radar and may surprise many once the season kicks off.

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NHL Buzz: Sunday, August 8th

August 8th, 2010

According to, the Red Wings are among the six teams interested in defenseman Willie Mitchell. If he were to sign there he would have to take a pay cut and sign for less than two million dollars per year. I think this is a strong possibility, we all know that a lot of players will take pay cuts to sign with a winning team like the Red Wings.

The Canucks (his former team), Capitals, Sharks, and Ducks are also in the mix for Mitchell's services.

I haven't heard much on goalie Antti Niemi lately. Several sources are saying that as many as 8 teams are interested however, he would not release and team names.

I am hearing 7-8 teams are interested in Tomas Kaberle right now, I truly believe he will be moved.

According to multiple media outlets, the Bruins are very interested in right wing Billy Guerin, formerly of the NY Islanders.

The Anaheim Ducks are expected to begin talks with their former star Paul Kariya very shortly.

The Red Wings are looking for a 6th defenseman rumor has it if they can't land Willie Mitchell or Lukas Krajicek they will pursue Brendan Witt.

I am told a few teams are interested in right wing Lee Stempniak. One source has told me if Stempniak will lower his asking price a lot more teams would be interested. It is believed the Coyotes (his former team) are among the teams interested.

The Senators are still looking to add another physical defenseman, if they can't land Willie Mitchell of Brendan Witt they will likely look within the organization.

This concludes today's edition of NHL Buzz, enjoy.


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Detroit Lions Uncaged Event

August 8th, 2010

When my buddy Jim, and I arrived at Ford Field today, the line was past the end of the building. It was great to see so many Lions’ fans in one place without paying $50 to park.

I would estimate that the attendance was between seven and eight thousand. A lot of families, a lot of kids, and a lot of fun.

The doors opened at 3:00PM. There was a massive autograph session until 3:45PM. You could hear the “Suuuuuuuuh” chants half a stadium away.

The Leo’s love fest was on! I spoke to several fans who snagged trophy autographs. Daniel, a very robust lad of seven, was showing off his Louis Delmas scribble in the concession line. He positively brimmed with joy and he wouldn’t let me touch it!

Jim and I found primo seats on the 50 yard line, in the second row. The team came out of the tunnel to thunderous applause. Suh was the last player on the field. “Suuuuuuuuh”.

As usual, the horn blew, and the Lions players went into warm up drills. This was followed by 30 minutes of position drills.

It was at this point that I noticed who was not in pads. Jason Hansen, Jared DeVries, DeAndre Levy, Amari Spievey, Jerome Felton, Aaron Berry, Louis Delmas, Ko Simpson, Jordon Dizon, Mike Moore, and Kevin Smith were held out of contact drills. Moore and Smith participated in some limited individual drills, mostly the low intensity pitch and catch stuff.

The final 20 minutes of the positional drills featured a crowd favorite, one on one. Mano Y mano. Chris Houston looked tenacious on defense, breaking up several passes thrown to his “house”. He even did a little “hot dogging” at the end of a couple of plays. Nice.

Matt Stafford, and Calvin Johnson put their synergy on display, and the fans were appreciative. They make it look sooooo easy. Tim Toone made a couple of nice grabs, as did Brian Clark, and Derrick Williams. On one of Toone’s plays, Jonathon Wade put a nice hit on him, separating him from the ball.

The team moved on to seven on seven drills. This was the Brandon Pettigrew show. He made some effortless catches that were very comforting. Pettigrew shows no ill effects of his ACL injury whatsoever.

The offense continued to work some short yardage, and check down passing plays. The kind of plays that require the most reps since they must work with the highest level of consistency. Move them chains, baby!

The difference between Saturday’s practice, and the session that I attended last Wednesday was that Lions QB’s threw downfield exactly twice as often. This is in keeping with offensive coordinator Scott Linehan’s plan to slowly integrate the vertical passing game into the practice regimen.

The team moved on to full team offensive/defensive drills. I focused on Ndamakong Suh here. His explosiveness was evident. I think that the Lions set him up to fail. He was double teamed, or had a tight end picking him up in the backfield. Suh’s frustration was palpable.

The defense ran some stunts that moved Suh to various points all across the line. The offense was always there with a stop. Suh’s frustration was growing.

Some interesting little vignettes would have to include Tim Toone catching a sideline check down with Zack Follett on the scene. The “pain train” delivered Mr. Toone into next Tuesday. Boom! Welcome, rookie, to the NFL!

The other occurred when Aaron Brown caught a short outlet in the flat, rolled once, and tried to continue the play. Kyle Vanden Bosch was on him like a cat, with a little helmet to helmet howdy. Where did that truck come from?

The Lions moved on to special teams drills. Today’s drill was punt, and punt coverage. Ndamakong Suh was rookified. He mistimed leaps, was double teamed, and otherwise flummoxed. Steam was building to a bursting point in the house of spears.

The horn blew, and the Lions went back to full team drills. The offense was on the 10 yard line. On the very first play, Ndamakong exacted his revenge. He blew by LG Stephan Peterman, and drove TE Jake Nordin into Matt Stafford’s grill. Touche! Checkmate! “Suuuuuuuuuh!”

Some miscellaneous impressions:

Safety Randy Phillips is big, fast, and a play maker. A keeper.

Cornerback Chris Houston has a chip on his shoulder, and delivers a devastating “chuck” at the line of scrimmage.

DT Sammie Lee Hill will win the starting DT assignment. He’s scary good.

WR Derrick Williams is a lock to make the roster, and will play a very prominent role moving forward.

TE Tony Scheffler has to pick up his game. Like yesterday! He will be my pet project come practice tomorrow. I, for one, am not happy.

The blind side is safe in the hands of LT Jeff Backus, and LG Rob Sims.

We need to see an all out war between Vanden Bosch and Backus soon. KVB has been way too quiet on the field.

The Lions showed some two TE sets. I loved the pre-snap realignments.

WR Brian Clark has locked a roster spot. Big, and reliable.

Rookie DT Willie Young will be a work in progress for some time to come. Young has an abundance of speed, but lacks discipline.

OLB Julian Peterson will have a career year. His speed and instincts are a thing of beauty.

The lame, and infirm (11 players) need to get back on the field.

I’m going to put this down for now, but I will return tomorrow, after practice.

Any special requests? Who do you want me to keep an eye on?


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