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One Step Ahead: What If LeBron Wanted to Buy the Cavaliers?

July 17th, 2010

This article is strictly speculative in nature; but allow me to pose this to you. What if LeBron's ultimate plan is to one day own the Cleveland Cavaliers? Then this could be a magnificent move on his part.

Say you are LeBron James. You have stated your ultimate goal one day is to own an NBA franchise. You want to buy the Cavaliers, but currently they're valued at $476 million by Forbes Magazine. Thanks to your presence, the organizations value has sky rocketed to the fifth highest in the league.

On top of the inflated figure, the current owner rubs you as being disingenuous. You always have this suspicion that he's a phony hypocrite. You know he seems like the type of guy that would just lie to you to your face.

You see that NBA ratings haven't rebounded since the Jordan era. You've won two MVP's, but you see the glaring hole on your mantle and legacy is an NBA title. Not just one but several. Something to make you relevant all year around.

You look at your options and see one that would be polarizing. People would at first back lash against you and criticize you. They would say that you needed to join a great team to get it done.

Then again, there would also be people pointing out you took less money. That you put aside that thing called "ego" to join a team. Not just any team, but a ridiculously talented core that might put on the "Greatest Show On Earth."

The saying goes "history is written by the victors." In time, if LeBron manages to dominate the next three to five seasons, a great number of young fans are going to jump on the "James Bandwagon."

All the video game players will want to use Miami as their team. The youngsters playing three on three in parks will pretend to play the roles of Wade, Bosh, or James. Teens and young kids buy the most jerseys and many of them will be asking for the new LeBron ones. A "Space Jam 2 " would probably get done along with even more endorsement deals.

Most of all, James could potentially bring the NBA back to its zenith during the MJ days. This "Decision" has been so controversial that it has spiked NBA chatter. People are going to be tuning in to watch this team, either to root for them or against them.

In time fans might even have gotten over the outrage of the hour long ESPN special. They instead would mention how it netted over $2.5 million for a good cause.

After nine years, LeBron would have gotten his rings. He would have hopefully converted some of the fans that are upset with him due to his great play. All the while he would have continued to amass a fortune.

According to CNN LeBron had $170 million in sponsorship deals back in 2007. His list of deals included: $90 million from Nike, $15 million from Coke, $6 million from Upper Deck, $4.5 million from Bubblicious, and $7.5 million from Cub Cadet. His deal with MSN included $3 million upfront, and the partners will soon begin a phase in which Microsoft and LRMR will share advertising revenues sold on MSN's LeBron site - 60% for LRMR and 40% for MSN".

Since that time, LeBron has signed a huge contract with Miami and a new deal with Nike. James has been smart avoiding heavy taxes on his fortune by spreading it into corporations. Warren Buffet once said "I was amazed at how mature he was, not just physically, but in financial matters. At 21, I wasn't remotely as mature as LeBron. Maybe at 51, I wasn't as mature as him." This leads you to believe that if LeBron makes the right choices, continues to get more endorsement dollars and invests his money wisely he may be in a position to buy a majority share in a franchise.

This leads us back to Cleveland. The owner goes out of his way to prove you right by trashing you. He calls you a quitter even though he was dying for you to stay. Who wants to pay top dollars to a quitter if your main concern is for the team you own to win?

This man in no way thanks you for making a franchise that had been dead since the dismantling of Mark Price, Crig Ehlo, and Brad Daugherty, relevant again.

You guided the team to multiple conference and one NBA Final. Gave the city hope, joy, and for seven years an economic boost. Yet the owner does not mention any of this.

By being so vindictive, he shows the world why you might not have wanted to work for him. Because you knew he had no class. That he cared more about the potential hit to his franchise's value. That he would try to paint you as a villain if you didn't do what he wanted.

You had burnt bridges on your way out, but then what if the fans one day forgave and accepted a triumphant return? What if after nine years you go back home at the age of 34 with at least three to five years left?

You see it all the time. The athlete vilified on his way out the door and then welcomed back with open arms. In Miami, Ricky Williams and Alonzo Mourning did it. It's happened throughout sports.

LeBron would then be in a power position. The Cavaliers franchise would be reduced to a fraction of its current value. In late June, Former Trail Blazers President Bob Whitsitt said “If I asked today what could you sell the Cavaliers for, obviously the first question is, ‘Is LeBron on the team or not? If he’s not on the team, you’re probably going to be looking at something that starts with a 2, maybe $250 million. If he’s on the team, you’re looking at something that starts with a 5.”

Suddenly the amount of money you would have spent to get a piece of the franchise with you in it would now net you almost the entire pie. LeBron would be a player/owner at 34 years of age.

James would have two to four quality playing years left in the tank. He would surely pull out all the stops and cash in every favor owed in order to build a winner.

If during those four years he manages to win one or two titles, he would surely be loved by the Cavalier fan base. They would have their hometown hero return. He would be one of the leagues most popular owners and that would help the franchise. Most of all he would've still won Cleveland a title.

You can almost see it, an old and humbler James. Sitting there hugging what he knows is his very last trophy. Bathed in champagne for a final time. He did it in the colors he first wore when he entered the league. He won it for the fans that supported him since day one.

What could make this moment any better? O' yeah you're now the owner of the organization. You were able to do this because you lowered your buying price while eliminating a disrespectful owner and cementing your legacy by winning multiple titles on quite possibly the greatest team ever.

Not a bad career there "King James".

Miami Heat: Dwyane Wade Defends LeBron James on Dan Gilbert Allegations

July 16th, 2010

Dwyane Wade has come out to defend his new teammate LeBron James against allegations made by Dan Gilbert that LeBron James quit on the Cavaliers during the playoff series against the Celtics.

Wade, in an interview with the Associated Press , said that LeBron "is not a quitter."

Wade, who was eliminated by the same Celtics team that neutralized LeBron, was familiar with the several tactics the Celtics used to diminish the importance of a team's top player.

Wade attributed the bad games by LeBron (similar to bad games played by Kobe Bryant and Wade against that same defense) to the Celtics' defense committing to not let one player beat them, rather forcing them to make bad shots or passes to their teammates.

Wade seems set on helping his friend that has now joined him with the Miami Heat.

With the Heat, and without an excuse of weak teammates, LeBron will have to prove that everything Gilbert said was just the rambling of a bitter owner.

LeBron will have the luxury, however, of having a teammate in Wade that will lead the team for him, a job that LeBron seemed to respond to abrasively to at times.

No one can doubt LeBron was a good friend to his teammates, as they joked before games and celebrated together after wins. But was he the best leader?

In Miami he won't have to answer that question. And even if Gilbert was right, it's unlikely a player like Wade will let a teammate of James' caliber quit on him during the playoffs.

It Looks Like Shaquille O’Neal Will Not Be Going To the Atlanta Hawks

July 16th, 2010

Shaq was going to be heading to the New York Knicks, but that was a false alarm and turned out to be normal buzz within NBA teams. Shortly after that fell through, there was a reported deal in place for Shaq that would send Marvin Williams to the Cavaliers. But now, even that is history. 

AOL Fanhouse's Chris Tomasson has reported that the Hawks do not have the money to keep Shaq on the roster and keep him happy at the same time. They are in need of players and are coming close to that salary cap. 

The only way Shaq will be donning the Atlanta Hawks uniform is if he decides to take the veteran's minimum to be on the same team as Joe Johnson. But what would impel him to take such drastic measures to be a Hawk? This past season, O'Neal made $20 million with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Would he really let so much money go down the drain to end up in Atlanta?

He might have to sign somewhere in the mid $5 million range. If that is the case, several suitors may show up. But then again, his age and his decreasing talent will have many thinking twice. Is he worth giving up a starter? What about a draft pick?

The Hawks certainly were not considering giving up one of their starters for Shaq, so this would have all been about draft picks and prospects. 

Shaq looks only to be a short term option for a team and so many teams will not be willing to give up young talent for an aging star. O'Neal has spoken out about his farewell tour in 2011-2012, so retirement is already in view for him. 

There could be a short list of teams that would like to take on what The Diesel has to offer. But for teams like the Knicks or Hawks it could just be to have that big name and put people in seats. 

Allen Iverson the “Answer” to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Problems

July 16th, 2010

The city of Cleveland has hit rock bottom. LeBron James raped this city of its dignity when he went on national TV and made his decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami.

The past seven years for the city of Cleveland were their golden years. They had the "Chosen One," LeBron James, they had hopes of winning multiple titles and ending that drought of failure in the city. The whole world knew Cleveland as the home of LeBron James. The fans embraced him and sold out arenas for seven straight years.

But then LeBron left, as though the city wasn't good enough for him. He wanted to be larger than life and it wasn't going to happen if he was playing in Cleveland. So a city that suffered through "The Drive," "The Fumble," and "The Shot" now has to suffer "The Decision." The city of Cleveland is left without a star, without an identity, without a team to cheer for, and sadly without any respect.


Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert personally guaranteed that the Cavaliers will win a championship before LeBron James does and promised that this franchise won't become irrelevant, but deep down he and all the fans in Cleveland know that their golden days are over—all they see is darkness ahead.

Shaq is gone, Zydrunas Ilgauskus is gone, right now I don't think there are any players that want to play in Cleveland. A starting lineup of Mo Williams, Anthony Paker, Jamario Moon, Antwan Jamison, and Anderson Varejao can't lead this team to the playoffs.

Mo Williams has been failing in the playoffs the last couple of years, so it's time for him to go. This team needs a star that can save the city and help maintain that buzz they have had for the past seven years.

There is one star on the market right now that has actually achieved more in his career then LeBron James has. He too was once the most popular player in the league and still is one of them. This player still sells jerseys like crazy and can still sell out arenas.

They call him "The Answer." And Allen Iverson could be "The Answer" for the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Although the Heat are interested in Iverson right now and everyone thinks he will sign with them to run the point, the Cavaliers could be a great fit for Iverson. He is ready to prove people wrong and he will need shots, minutes, and touches.

Right now in Cleveland, he could replace Mo Williams in the starting lineup and if coach Byron Scott lets him play in the open court, Allen Iverson could surprise the world and get back to that elite level he was playing at in 2007-08 with Denver.

With Iverson on the roster the city of Cleveland would come to games to see the little man take on giants, fans would buy his jersey and the team would get National TV games it wouldn't be like it was when they had LeBron but they certainly wouldn't be irrelevant.

With Iverson on the Cavaliers, the city of Cleveland would have that star like they did with LeBron; they would have that swagger that LeBron gave them. When people say Iverson is too old to carry a team, I don't buy it because the man is a freak of nature. He is still very quick and can run around all day. People were saying he was going to slow down when he was 28 and he didn't.

Then, when his stats took a hit in bad situations like Detroit and Philadelphia this past season, people were quick to say that he had slowed down and needed to come off the bench. Iverson was hurt last season and still managed to put up 14 points per game in Eddie Jordan's Princeton offense, and as bad as he wanted to play in the open court he couldn't because if he disrespected the coach he would be sent home.

He is just two seasons removed from being one of the best players in the league. He was averaging 26.4 ppg, 7.2 apg, and 2.2 spg in Denver in 2007-08. Iverson played 40 mpg, took 18 shots per game, and the team won 50 games. 

Teams are afraid of Iverson right now. Nobody wants to take a chance on him and the only team that has showed interest in him is the Miami Heat, LeBron's team. So right now Iverson would sign with any team, even if it's Cleveland.

Can you imagine if Iverson turns down a offer from LeBron's team to play with the team he walked out on? He would be a hero to the city and the fans would embrace him like they did with LeBron.

This would be Iverson's team. If given about 35 minutes per game and put in the right offense he could be a 23 ppg, 6 apg All-Star and help carry this team to the playoffs. Mo Williams and Delonte West are both undersized two guards, so if you are going to have an undersized guard on your team, why not make it one of the greatest players to ever play the game? 

Look at all the big men Iverson has played with throughout his career and you will notice their play increased when he was in the lineup. Even last year in Philadelphia, in a dead season, Iverson helped Samuel Dalembert play much better—so imagine what he could do for Antwan Jamison and Anderson Varejao.

Coach Byron Scott is a very smart coach, and he knows how Allen Iverson needs to play. He wouldn't slow things down and force Iverson to play in that structured offense like coaches the past years have; instead, he would know the best thing for this team is to play in the open court and run. 

Allen Iverson is also very cheap right now. He is worth the veterans minimum of about $5.8 million a year, and if they sign him they could still get other players who could help the team. For some reason this lineup just looks like a lineup that could make the playoffs and upset a team: PG-Allen Iverson, SG-Anthony Parker, SF-Jamario Moon, PF-Antawn Jamison, C-Anderson Varejao.

Worst case scenario is Iverson has actually slowed down and the Iverson we saw in Detroit and in Philadelphia last season is the best he can be at this stage of his career. Well, he still would help the Cavs because he is still a better player then Mo Williams and Delonte West. He can still start and score around 17 points per game. He could go have a big game some nights and would still sell tickets and jerseys.

But the thing is, nobody knows how good Iverson still can be. Larry Hughes recently said that Allen Iverson is training harder than ever in Atlanta and is ready to return to elite form. It is very likely that Iverson will come back next season healthy, explosive, and with a wet jump shot.

Coach Byron Scott said he will be installing a run and gun offense for next season and Iverson would fit in perfectly with this team if given the minutes and shots.

Iverson would give this team a reason to come to games and when LeBron comes to town Iverson would take the challenge of standing up for his city and going head to head with enemy No. 1. He could save the season and make sure the Cavaliers don't become irrelevant. It would be a feel-good story Iverson saves his own career and saves the Cavaliers franchise at the same time.

Dan Gilbert, Chris Grant, and Byron Scott need to realize that Allen Iverson still has a lot left in the tank, and taking a chance on him would be a win-win situation because at worst Iverson is still a better player than Mo Williams and Delonte West.

But Allen is ready to return next season and he will be healthier mentally and physically. He will have that first step he had in 2007, and if Coach Scott lets him play in the right flow, he would thrive.

Allen Iverson could save the Cavaliers franchise. The fans would love him and he could lead this team to the playoffs. The city of Cleveland has many problems, they had to suffer through "The Drive," "The Fumble," "The Shot," and most recently "The Decision."

Allen Iverson's nickname is "The Answer" and the city of Cleveland needs an "Answer" to these problems.

Wade: James ‘didn’t quit’ on Cavaliers (AP)

July 16th, 2010
They've been teammates for only a week, and Dwyane Wade is already standing up for LeBron James. Wade defended the NBA's two-time reigning MVP on Thursday, telling The Associated Press that James "didn't quit" on Cleveland during the playoffs. That was the accusation made by Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert last week, not long after James went on television to reveal he was leaving...

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