LaCanfora: Redskins Will Trade Albert Haynesworth Today

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The NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora is reporting that the Washington Redskins will trade DT Albert Haynesworth today. The Tennessee Titans is the likely trade partner for the Redskins according to LaCanfora who says the Titans will give up their third-round pick to the Redskins.

Washington does not have a third-round pick.

LaCanfora was the sometimes nemesis of the Redskins front office who were displeased with LaCanfora's skepticism of the team's approach to building a winner. The Redskins felt LaCanfora cited unreliable sources. Indeed,'s Larry Weisman quoted Titans head coach Jeff Fisher as saying "the door was closed" to Haynesworth.

Haynesworth was critical of the way Washington used him in the defense last season. The Redskins used defensive linemen to tie up blockers. The Titans used Haynesworth to collapse offensive pockets and to disrupt passing plays. He excelled in that system.

Haynesworth fell in disfavor with the Mike Shanahan regime by declining to join the team for voluntary workouts in March and for following his own workout program this month. He was openly skeptical of his place in the 3-4 defensive alignment Washington is expected to deploy this year.

Wow. Quite a development that this move is even getting serious consideration at Redskins Park. It was distressing to see Big Al gassed on the field after plays, but i agree with his complaint.

Of the few reservations I had about defensive coordinator Greg Blache, the rigidity of his thinking irked me the most. It works to have average to pretty good players strictly adhere to a scheme. Blache could never seem to bend the scheme to exploit extraordinary players.

Jason Taylor springs to mind. Taylor was a premier right defensive end--the pass rushing end-- when he joined washington in 2008. Blache used him almost exclusively on the left side as a run stopper.

It was not a happy mix and Taylor, like Haynesworth, declined to join the team for voluntary workouts in the 2009 offseason. The Redskins cut him and he rejoined the Miami Dolphins as a free agent where he was credited with 42 tackles and seven sacks.

Blache's approach works more often than not. Gregg Williams is still successful with it. Yet for all the big bucks the Redskins invested in Haynesworth, Blache used him as a merely bigger, better Anthony Montgomery. That was just as distressing as watching Haynesworth on the ground gasping for air after a play. 

Haynesworth is guaranteed about $21 million of Danny Snyder's money. You can bet your last nickel he won't be sorry to leave.

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