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Report: Golden State Warriors Reach Deal with Jeremy Lin

July 21st, 2010

Jeremy Lin was an underrated superstar when he played for the Harvard University basketball team. Coming into the NBA, he was undrafted. He was invited by the Dallas Mavericks to play in their Summer League. From there, Lin became a sensation.

Now all the hard work has paid off.

According to, Lin and the Golden State Warriors are closing in on a deal. Most sources agree that the contract is a multi-year deal. He will make about $500,000 in his first year, guaranteed.

The 6’3″ guard has a lot of roots in the Bay Area, and he looks to apply that with the Warriors.

This helps the Warriors since they lack guards. Right now, all they have is Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis.

Even if C.J. Watson had re-signed (now happily on the Chicago Bulls), they still wouldn’t have enough guards. So it’s a good pickup.

Lin has also been a Warriors fan for all of his life.

Golden State may have a bargain and steal in Lin!

Notre Dame Football 2010: Teach Don’t Preach And Address Underage Drinking

July 21st, 2010

Last weekend 42 students at the University of Notre Dame were charged with underage drinking, as well as two other students with supplying alcohol to a minor. Over two dozen of those arrested were student athletes.

A group of athletes getting together over drinks has been going on since the days of the first Olympics.

That isn't going to change, but the way that underage student athletes are dealt with if they are caught should be addressed.

The students that got in trouble will pay a small fine and maybe rake a few leaves with an orange vest on. 

They will face some sort of discipline from their coaching staff and it will be rammed into their brains that they "can't" drink. These are some of the brightest students in the entire country, and I feel that a much simpler approach would work.

Let all of the students charged with underage drinking take a class that teaches them how the seed of alcoholism is planted long before someone becomes an alcoholic.

Every student whether they may be an athlete or not goes into college with goals. Show them that as soon as drinking affects these goals, it is starting to be a problem.

If someone continues this behavior, then their drinking starts to overshadow their goals and standards and eventually becomes the goal itself.

The more that we pound into someone that they "can't" do something the more appealing it looks to them.  By teaching them that maybe it's not a good idea to put yourself into these situations, these students can make the decision to be responsible.

Some might say that this won't work, but when things are made simple and direct people pay more attention and take the time to weigh things out and make a better choice.

The end result of this isn't to end underage drinking, it's to stop students from becoming repeat offenders.

I intentionally left out examples (we all know the stories) and I didn't bring up any names either. 

Anyone who gets into trouble with the law already has enough guilt and shame to deal with.

I would imagine that everyone who was cited on Saturday night woke up Sunday with feelings of inner turmoil, and those feelings never have to come back if they choose to act responsibly.

University of Alabama: Trouble in Tide Land With Marcel Dareus?

July 21st, 2010

Larry Burton (Panama City Beach, Fla.) The 2010 BCS Game in Pasadena, California, Alabama was comfortably ahead but Texas kept making it interesting until a shovel pass went awry. It went into the hand of Marcel Dareus and he knocked down the quarterback like a rag doll, put a spin move on another Longhorn and rumbled into the end zone to ice the game.

This man who didn't even begin the season as a starter was now the hero of the moment in the biggest game of the college football year. Though just a sophomore, many thought he was a sure lock to leave for the NFL following his junior campaign with a sure first-round pick.

Agents started circling his name on their wish list and plans were laid to land the mighty defensive end.

You don't have to be a sportswriter to know the NCAA has been working overtime since the Reggie Bush case to find other cases of "Agent Influence" on members of the NCAA football rosters.

They were looking hard in North Carolina and may have found something. Then they looked in South Carolina and found something. Possibly in Florida, too.

Now you can add Alabama to that list.

The story is so new and breaking that nothing can be confirmed by either Dareus, who will not make a statement, or by the University, who soon may. But apparently Dareus attended a party this summer in Miami that was billed as an "Agent's Party". There is no speculation of any wrong doing at this time, but the NCAA will certainly want to know the following:

A. Who paid for his transportation to the party?

B. Who paid for his meals and lodging on that trip?

C. Who did he meet with and what was done and said?

D. Was anything signed or any agreements made?

E. Who attended the party?

F. When did he notify the university of his attendance?

G. How soon after that did the university notify the NCAA?

Apparently, Nick Saban had the NCAA notified as soon as he became aware of a possible problem. Though Alabama will certainly conduct their own investigation and turn that in to the NCAA, the NCAA will also now do their own.

The good news for Alabama is they will suffer absolutely zero consequences as they reported it right away and no games have been played since the suspected infraction.

Knowing Nick Saban as I do, he will not let Dareus play one snap until he is either cleared by the NCAA or suffers through whatever penalty they put on him.

So the good news for Bama fans is, there is no team violation. No consequences to fall upon them and no actions to follow.

Clearly, just like last year, this is a crack in the process and Saban certainly has the fortitude and the talent to overcome it. Damien Square is healthy and there are others that can step in if the need be.

Freedom Newbies: Steamroller Brittany Bock

July 21st, 2010

The third in a series of features on the new players of the Washington Freedom, the spotlight is focused on University of Notre Dame star Brittany Bock.

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines steamroller as "a crushing force especially when ruthlessly applied to overcome opposition."

Kindly direct your attention to the video below, and proceed to the 3:55 mark.

Yup, sounds about right.

"When it comes to physicality, she definitely brings it," Washington Freedom team captain Cat Whitehill said before a training session at the RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. "You don't ever want to go into attacking with her 'cause you don't know if you'll come out alive."

Whitehill was of course joking about Brittany Bock, the fearless midfielder from Naperville, Illinois.

Acquired by the Freedom through the Los Angeles Sol Dispersal Draft earlier this year, Bock was one of the breakout stars in the inaugural season of the WPS. Part of the Sol backline that held the best defensive record in the league last season, Bock stood out enough to get call ups to the full national team in 2009.

And to think that being a center back for the first time in her career was not something she had anticipated when she joined the Sol.

"I was talking to my parents before the first game, 'Yeah they're gonna play me at center back and I don't know what I'm doing.' And you know, I liked being in the attack. I like creating goals, opportunities, scoring goals," Bock recalls. "So when I found out I was gonna be at the back, I thought, 'Aww man.'

"But new things come out of that and I got called in to the national team. Everything happens for a reason and I was just so stoked."

Bock played all season, even when she was starting to encounter some problems with her feet. The last straw came when, in Germany with the national team back in October, she got kicked on her left foot. Unable to play anymore, Bock had her feet looked at. Her left foot had a snapped ligament and her right foot had the sesamoid bone broken in half.

Bock went to a few doctors and had foot surgeries during the offseason, expecting to come back to LA to play for the Sol within a few months. But she, like the rest of the WPS community, was in for a surprise.

The Sol, the 2009 regular season champion, ceased operations in late January 2010.

A dispersal draft was immediately held as the Sol's players were picked up by the remaining eight teams in the league. The Freedom chose Bock.

"I've had so many struggles through this season. I had two foot surgeries, one on each foot. And then Sol folded. So I was like, 'Oh my gosh. My life,'" Bock recounts. "And the Freedom picked me up and have stuck with me and helped me out so much.

Bock practices with her Freedom teammates at the RFK Stadium.

"I'm still not really back on the pitch like I regularly would be, I'm still having a lot of pain. But they have been so extremely patient with me and behind me a hundred percent of the way. And I love this team. We're so close, we work so hard for each other, and regardless of what happens on the field, we're an extremely strong unit. This team has been more than I could ever ask for and I absolutely love it here."

Away from loved ones can be tough, but fortunately for Bock, aside from hanging out with her teammates, her parents, Brian and Kelly Bock, often make trips to visit her and watch her games. Especially her mom Kelly, who became rather popular at a Sol-Freedom game last year (2:35 mark).

Fans recognize Kelly Bock in Freedom games, and at times even cheer for her. Whether it's because of her TV appearance last year, or that she's a regular staple at home games and events, or that she wears a Freedom "Bock" jersey, Kelly has emerged as a new celebrity ("My mom said, 'I'm more famous than you!'"). And the soccer mom has been a supporter since the start.

Growing up in Naperville, Illinois, the younger Bock got into soccer when her parents let her and her siblings get into different sports, to see which one they would enjoy the most.

Bock chose soccer and grew up playing in co-ed teams and girls' teams as a kid. Yet while playing in girls' teams, she trained with boys. And in high school, Bock joined boys' team Chicago Magic to become a quicker, faster, and stronger player.

Which must have paid off as Bock enjoyed an incredible college career with the University of Notre Dame, including being named a Hermann Trophy semi-finalist. She also played for the U.S. Youth National Teams before getting called up by the full national team last year.

Now playing for the nation's capital, Bock hopes to get 100% healthy so she could help the Freedom out more as they fight for a spot at the playoffs. Used to being a 90-minute player, she has only come in at the second half in the few games that she has played. But like that game in California against FC Gold Pride, Bock can prove that she is still a force to be reckoned with.

"I have this 'no fear' attitude. I literally run through anything and everything. At practice, sometimes I run into the 'keeper. I go for the ball, and if something's in my way, I mean I don't want to hurt them but..." Bock laughs.


Watch Bock run through her opponents by catching a game at the Maryland SoccerPlex. Go to for more information.

To get to know other Freedom Newbies, check out the feature on Norwegian striker Lene Mykjaland and rookie defender/forward Nikki Marshall.

Out with the Old: Pat Haden New USC Athletic Director

July 21st, 2010

Finally, some great news comes from the USC Trojan's athletic program: Mike Garrett will be dismissed as the University's Athletic Director. For many Trojans fans, this was a long time coming and a great sign that indeed USC is trying more than ever to prove they are going to run a clean program.

Mike Garrett was the AD for USC for the past 17 years but has obviously been under a lot of fire after the recent sanctions against the football and basketball programs.

Haden will begin his new AD job at USC beginning on August 3. He is a former USC and NFL quarterback whose name has been thrown around by Trojan fans and blogs for sometime now as a possible replacement for Garrett. Some fans unfamiliar with Haden might know him more for his voice than anything. He was one of the NBC college football announcers during Notre Dame games.

Haden has been a member of the USC Board of Trustees for 19 years now and is the Head of the Board's Academic Affairs. He graduated from USC with magna cum laude Honors and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. 

USC could not have picked a better person to take over as the AD, and as a USC fan, I know I am speaking for most of us when I say...It's about time! Thanks, Garrett, but it is time for a new face to rule our athletic programs! This is the best news USC has received in a long time and should be positively received across the college football world.

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