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John Wall Selects #2 As Washington Wizards Jersey Number

July 1st, 2010

John Wall is without a doubt the most easily branded player in this year's draft. The one electrifying season he played at Kentucky had anyone following college basketball on notice.

The Wizards are lucky to have him, but the Washington franchise's long history has made Wall alter one fundamental part of his brand.

His number.

The Wizards, before they became the Wizards, actually retired number 11 to honor Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor. Wall was forced to pick a new number, and he did. Number 2.

If you look at his Twitter background, you can see the “11″ built into the J and W, similar to what LeBron has done with his LBJ playing off 23. Now, Wall has selected number 2, and it’ll be the focus of his marketing team to come up with a new logo for their star point guard.

His reason for selecting 2, “just felt #2 was a good number.” I suppose he simply added 1 + 1 to come up with it. He also mentioned he’ll be wearing it for next year, so maybe we could see a number change in his future a la LeBron and Kobe.

Michael Jordan’s 23 Greatest Games as a Washington Wizard

July 1st, 2010

From age 38 to age 40, Michael Jordan played 142 games as a Washington Wizard. He set records for the oldest player to do so many things, including scoring 40 and 50 points. He was also the only Wizard to play all 82 games in 2002-2003.

This is a list of No. 23's 23 greatest individual games as a Washington Wizard; further proof that MJ is the greatest player of all-time. 

No. 23 : On Feb. 3, 2002, a 38-year old Jordan scored 23 and beat Indiana on11/19 shooting and 1/1 from three point range. He also grabbed five rebounds and dished six assists.

No. 22 : Again, Indiana was the victim. This time, Jordan scorched them for 41 points on 14/26 shooting, 3/4 three's, and 10/12 from the line. He also grabbed 12 rebounds, had four assists and three steals. Wizards win.

No. 21 : On April 12, 2020, the 40-year-old Jordan and the Wizards lost to Atlanta. Jordan, though, had an all-around great game. He scored 17 points, grabbed eight boards, and had six assists to go with a steal and a block. He did this all in 30 minutes!

No. 20 : On Feb. 4, 2003, nearing his 40th birthday, MJ spearheaded a win against Cleveland by scoring 27 points on 13/26 shooting. He also grabbed four rebounds, had eight assists, four steals and a block.

No. 19 : On Nov. 3, 2001 (his third game back), a 38 year-old Jordan scored 20 points on Philadelphia in a Wizards win. In 38 minutes, he also passed off for nine assists, grabbed six rebounds, had two steals and a block.

No. 18 :  In his second game back, Jordan and the Wizards beat the Hawks when he played 40 minutes and scored 31 points. He also had six rebounds, six assists, and two steals.

No. 17 : In Detroit on Nov. 1, 2001 Jordan played an amazing defensive game. The Wizards won as Jordan, in 39 minutes, made all the difference with six steals, two blocks, four assists, nine rebounds, and 21 points.

No. 16 :  In an all-around great performance on Jan 18, 2020, Jordan scored 25 points, grabbed eight boards, had seven assists, and an amazing five steals and one block in 42 minutes. Iverson got the last laugh, though, as the 76ers won.

No. 15 : Against Milwaukee on Dec. 3, 2002, Jordan scored 25 points, had seven rebounds and four assists in only 30 minutes! The Wizards won handily.

No. 14 : In Memphis, one of the few times that city's fans would ever be able to see him play, Jordan put on a show; scoring 33 points in 35 minutes. He added five rebounds, two assists, and three steals in a convincing win. He went 14/23 from the field, and 2/3 from three point range.

No. 13 : The Sonics beat the Wizards on Nov. 12, 2002, but Jordan had a great individual game.  He scored 27 points to go with six rebounds, four assists, one steal, and one block in only 31 minutes.

No. 12 :  On Feb. 1, 2003, against the Hornets, Jordan put on a show.  Just a few days before turning 40, Jordan scored 45 points on 18/33 shooting.  He also had six assists and three rebounds with a block and a steal in 44 minutes. The Wizards won. 

No. 11 : At the Clippers on Feb. 13, 2003, Jordan defied age with 23 points and 12 assists, six rebounds, two steals, and a block in 39 minutes. The Wizards won.

No. 10 : On Feb. 23, 2002, a 39 year-old Jordan scored 37 points on 13/25 shooting against Miami. He also had seven assists and five rebounds.

No. 9 : On Jan. 24, 2002, a 39 year-old Jordan schooled the Cavs again. This time, he scored 40 points in 40 minutes in the win. He also added eight rebounds, two assists, and two steals.

No. 8 : Again, Jordan bashed Atlanta with 28 points on Feb. 1, 2002. He grabbed four rebounds, eight assists, two steals, and two blocks in the win. Oh, what a game for MJ.

No. 7 : Orlando fell to Washington as Jordan led the way for the Wizards with 32 points on 12/25 shooting from the field and 8/10 from the line. He added six rebounds, eight assists, and two steals in the victory.

No. 6 :  In 41 minutes against the Jazz, Jordan scored 44 points on 17/33 from the field. He also recorded seven rebounds, three assists, and one steal. In the end, though, the Jazz prevailed.

No. 5 : In Phoenix on Jan. 26, 2002 Jordan scored 41 points and hit the game winner. He made 17 of 30 shots. In 40 minutes, he added seven assists and four rebounds to go with two steals.

No. 4 : Jordan became the only player over 40 to ever score 40+ points in a game against N.J. on Feb. 21, 2003. He made 18/30 shots and 7/8 free throws in the win. He also had a double-double in the game by grabbing 10 rebounds to with four steals, three assists and a block.

Before Jordan, the record for points by a player over 40 was held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at 27 points.

No. 3 : Another record breaking game for MJ happened on Dec. 29, 2001 when the 38-year-old scored an astonishing 51 points against the Hornets. In only 38 minutes, Jordan set two records; the oldest player to ever score 50, and for most points in one quarter against the Hornets (24).  At 38, Jordan made an unbelievable 21/38 shots and 9/10 free throws. 

No. 2 : The game following the 51 point performance, Jordan scored 45 on N.J.  In 39 minutes, Jordan had 10 rebounds, seven assists, and three steals.

No. 1 : Jordan's best game as a Wizard is often overlooked. He scored 21 points and added four rebounds, five assists, two steals, and one block...IN ONLY 21 MINUTES!!!   

In these 23 games, he averaged 32.2 points per game, 6.5 rebounds per game, 5.7 assists per game, and 1.6 steals per game! The Wizards won 19 and lost four (82.6 percent wins)! Jordan shot 50.5 percent from the field!

Even as he aged, Jordan proved he was the greatest player ever. Eat your hearts out, Kobe and LeBron!



Spartan Hoopla News Brief: Raymar Morgan Signs With Washington Wizards

July 1st, 2010

Going undrafted wasn't the end of Raymar Morgan's NBA dream.

The former Michigan State Spartan signed late last week with the Washington Wizards to play summer ball, after reportedly shrugging off multiple offers from other organizations.

The Wizards are a franchise in rebuilding mode. The gun-play between Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton kept the team in the news for the wrong reasons.

Arenas' future with Washington is in jeopardy, and Crittenton is reportedly playing on the Los Angeles Lakers' summer team.

All is not bleak in our nation's capital. The Wizards snagged the gem of the NBA draft class when they selected John Wall of Kentucky first overall.

With the young talent in Washington, Morgan will have his work cut out for him if he earns a spot on the Wizards' roster. He will undoubtedly be a bench piece and fill in at the No. 3 spot (small forward). Morgan's length, speed, and athletic ability could be useful at shooting guard, too.

The six-foot-eight Morgan would play a utility-role in a shuffling Wizards lineup . Perhaps a rookie-duel will take place with Trevor Booker, formerly of Clemson. Booker is nearly identical in size at 6'8", 240 pounds, but lacks the quickness and court vision Morgan possesses.

Nets send Yi to Wizards, create cap room (AP)

June 30th, 2010
The New Jersey Nets traded forward Yi Jianlian to the Washington Wizards on Tuesday, creating even more room under the salary cap as they head into free agency. The Wizards dealt forward Quinton Ross to the Nets, who also sent an undisclosed amount of cash to Washington. The Nets freed up another $3 million with the deal, leaving them about $30 million to spend once free agency opens on July 1.

NBA Free Agency: Yi Trade Puts Nets On Par With Bulls And Heat

June 30th, 2010

The Washington Wizards are sure making free agency interesting.

After agreeing to take Kirk Hinrich off the Bulls' hands, the Wizards agreed Tuesday to acquire Yi Jianlian from the Nets for basically nothing.

The Nets save a few million dollars in the process, putting themselves about $30 million under the salary cap.

That few million could have a big ripple effect among the teams that are all-in this offseason.

That's because the Nets have a solid supporting cast still under contract. One that is better than the Knicks', and is equally as talented as the young Bulls players.

Devin Harris is a quality point guard and Brook Lopez is an emerging talent at center. I'd give Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah a slight, slight advantage because they have been to the playoffs together and actually put together a reasonably successful season.

The Nets are coming off a 12-win season.

Then again, they also got Derrick Favors in the draft, who could end up being the best player in the 2010 draft class. They have young pieces to build around.

They are also moving to Brooklyn in a few years, playing on a stage much more recognized than Newark. They have a Russian billionaire owner dedicated to making the Nets a global brand, and have Jay-Z as a minority owner.

Is that enough to pry free agents away from New York, Chicago, and Miami to play in lowly New Jersey?

My instincts tells me yes.

In fact, in one fell swoop the Nets just increased their chances of landing two star free agents significantly. $30 million, just as is the case with the Bulls, is not enough to get two players signed to a max contract.

But with sign-and-trade potential and more time to make roster moves, there's no telling what could happen.

If nothing else, the Nets could probably lure Rudy Gay and Carlos Boozer, or some similar combination, without making any major adjustments. Gay would be the wingman Harris needs, and Boozer could help Favors along as a rookie.

For the Bulls, Heat, and Knicks, that would be a major blow, as the remaining pool of stars would consist of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, Joe Johnson...

And then it drops off. David Lee as a max player? Can any team pry Dirk Nowitzki from Dallas?

One of the four aforementioned teams is going to be left hanging with a second-rate star or two.

And really, it could be any of them.

I would expect Miami to lock up Wade and Dallas to secure Dirk quickly. Then they can have the pieces in place to make a move.

Then there is the Chicago-New York dilemma. The Knicks seem almost satisfied to cut their losses and get Johnson and Stoudemire, letting the Bulls and Heat duke it out for James and Bosh.

But what if the Bulls employ the same strategy? Grab Joe Johnson right away, then try to lure James or Bosh once they have one piece secured?

Then what do the Knicks do?

And what if Stoudemire, Gay, Boozer, and even James decide to return to their original teams?

Then what happens?

The Nets and Bulls could scrape together some role players and field a viable team. The Heat may be able to provided they keep Wade.

The Knicks could be left out to dry. Then again, so could any team gambling in this free agency game.

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