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Spartan Hoopla News Brief: Raymar Morgan Signs With Washington Wizards

July 1st, 2010

Going undrafted wasn't the end of Raymar Morgan's NBA dream.

The former Michigan State Spartan signed late last week with the Washington Wizards to play summer ball, after reportedly shrugging off multiple offers from other organizations.

The Wizards are a franchise in rebuilding mode. The gun-play between Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton kept the team in the news for the wrong reasons.

Arenas' future with Washington is in jeopardy, and Crittenton is reportedly playing on the Los Angeles Lakers' summer team.

All is not bleak in our nation's capital. The Wizards snagged the gem of the NBA draft class when they selected John Wall of Kentucky first overall.

With the young talent in Washington, Morgan will have his work cut out for him if he earns a spot on the Wizards' roster. He will undoubtedly be a bench piece and fill in at the No. 3 spot (small forward). Morgan's length, speed, and athletic ability could be useful at shooting guard, too.

The six-foot-eight Morgan would play a utility-role in a shuffling Wizards lineup . Perhaps a rookie-duel will take place with Trevor Booker, formerly of Clemson. Booker is nearly identical in size at 6'8", 240 pounds, but lacks the quickness and court vision Morgan possesses.

NBA Trade Rumors: The Top 10 Persistent Trade Rumors That Won’t Die Do

June 30th, 2010
All the talk this week from the NBA media talking heads has centered around the impending free agency period that begins in 12 hours from now. However, in addition to the free agent market, there is a trade market that is not going quietly. There are still teams out there looking to make deals to acquire talent. Additionally, there are 10 players whose names were tied to trades prior to the NBA Draft and that chatter still has not fully subsided. Whether these players are actually traded is one thing, but in the meantime the discussions continue.

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NBA Free Agency 2010: What Are the Orlando Magic’s Choices?

June 30th, 2010

As we enter the final 24 hours in the run up to “The King Stakes”, the major players have been identified.


The 2010 NBA Draft resembled the emergency drill on my last cruise. General Managers began dumping “human” cargo faster than the crew on the Titanic.


Over the weekend, the free agent “Summit” occurred, with Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and the King himself in attendance in Miami.


The Dallas Mavericks attempted to position themselves as a contender as well. All-Star forward Dirk Nowitski announced he would be opting out of his contract.


Most likely, Dirk wants to give owner Mark Cuban an opportunity to renegotiate his contract, to make room for LeBron.


In the end there will be big winners and big losers. What happens in either New York or New Jersey when one of the teams doesn't land two big name free agents?


For teams like the Orlando Magic, free agency will loom very important as well. But the consequences will be less severe.


With the team they have, the Magic proved they could win 59 games in the regular season. The even proved they could get to the Conference Finals.


In the end, the Magic already have their franchise super star in Dwight Howard. Now the task becomes finding the key pieces to make the team a champion.


What can or should Otis Smith and the Magic attempt to accomplish during the frenzy that hits Thursday at 12:01 am?


Sit Tight, Wait Until the Trade Deadline


It's not how you start, but how you finish.


The Magic could choose to do nothing during the initial free agency period. Even if a new “Free Agent” All-Star team emerges after Thursday, the Magic could still compete.


The worst case scenario would involve LeBron and Chris Bosh joining Dwayne Wade in Miami.


Orlando and it's divisional partners, would face the new NBA super power Miami Heat more than any other teams in the league.


Smith could suffer through some of these games “as is”. Hopefully find a weakness, and look to find a player to help expose it before the regular season trade deadline hits.


Due to all the salary juggling by the major players in the “Summer of LeBron”, the expected best teams will have very little room to work.


Adding a key power forward, or tested veteran at mid-season might put the Magic in the hunt for a title.



Help Keep LeBron in Cleveland


Keeping LeBron in Cleveland would give all the other teams not the Cavaliers a reason to relax.


Even with another super star, anything would be better than the prospects of Wade, Bosh and James on the same team.


The Magic could involve themselves in a three team trade with the Cavs and New Orleans Hornets as the other two participants.


The Magic could trade for Chris Paul-- a player LeBron reportedly would like to play with, to the Cavs for JJ Hickson, Andrew Varejao and Anthony Parker.


The Magic would give up in a worst case scenario, Vince Carter and Jameer Nelson.


Does giving up Carter really sound like a worst-case scenario?


The Hornets would get the financial relief they seek.


Now you're saying, keep Paul, no need to trade him. This scenario assumes Paul preferring to play with the King, not entirely far fetched.


Look back at the trade pieces. The Magic would have Hickson, Varejao and Parker in addition to Gortat, Pietrus and Brandon Bass.


A sign and trade for one of the free agents left out of the LeBron super deal, Nowitski or Stoudemire, would become very possible. At worst picking up a David Lee becomes almost most trivial.


With this deal the Magic would still have a back up center, in either Varejao or Gortat.


They would also pick up a pretty good wing player in Anthony Parker. Hickson has proved he can play, and even has post-season experience.



Build the Old Fashion Way


The Magic could choose to do nothing, and build a team the way is used to be done.


Through player development and the draft, and only relying on free agency to find one or two missing role players.


This wouldn't be the most popular approach for Magic fans. But history shows that's been the most successful blue print in the history of the NBA.


LeBron carries with him a great deal of hype. That hype doesn't carry with it any NBA championships after seven years.


The hype also lacks a guarantee that LeBron will win a championship where he ends up.


People forget the Magic already have Dwight Howard. He will be in the NBA for many more years to come.


Irrespective of the player-hating criticism the Magic's big man receives, he will be a major factor in the NBA.


His size and height make him very difficult to stop.


No matter what the ESPN commentating crew says, Howard will get better. And Howard will one day soon truly dominate the game.


It's only a matter of time.


2010 NBA Free Agency: Top 5 Places for Dirk Nowitzki; Joining LeBron?

June 30th, 2010
So now that the NBA Draft is well over, you probably thought the drama will take a break until July 1. Think again! reported today that Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki has opted out of the final year of his contract. This move alters the entire landscape of free agency, as Nowitzki immediately becomes one of the best available players. While some sources say the German stud is only opting out to add more years and money to his already gigantic contract, opting out allows him to be courted by all the same teams hopeful of signing the likes of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. We all know the teams that are in play, but who has the best shot at catching a guy who averages 23 points and 8.5 boards per game? Let’s find out!

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NBA Draft Results: Five Rookies Looking To Make Immediate Impact

June 30th, 2010
Get excited: the 2010 NBA draft results are in, and the fabric of American basketball is about to change. If your head is still spinning from the rumors and speculations surrounding LeBron James' free agency, take a deep breath and forget about LBJ for just a moment—a new generation of stars has arrived. The best high school and college athletes are headed to the NBA's weakest franchises, where they will have opportunities to make losing teams into playoff contenders. Every top draftee had an impact on his college or high school team, but only a handful of players will be able to improve their respective teams right away. Here is a list of players who will likely have an immediate impact on the teams to which they were drafted.

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