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Dallas Cowboys 2010 NFL Draft Big Board: Leaked Pictures and Impressions

April 28th, 2010


Thanks to our friends at Cowboys Zone , we acquired two pictures of the Cowboys’ Draft War Room. The second of these provides an up-close glimpse of the Cowboys’ draft board.

Below is a list of the names we were able to decipher, along with the round and order in which the Cowboys graded that prospect.  Note that, due to the positioning of Jerry’s arm in the photo and the ineligibility of some of the names, this is not a comprehensive list.

To see an up-close version of the draft board, visit here at


1. Sam Bradford
2. Gerald McCoy
3. Ndamukong Suh
4. Russell Okung
5. Trent Williams
6. Eric Berry
7. Rolando McClain
8. Joe Haden
9. CJ Spiller
10. Mike Iupati
11.  Blocked by Jerry’s arm, but likely Earl Thomas or Dez Bryant
12.  Blocked by Jerry’s arm, but likely Earl Thomas or Dez Bryant
13. Bryan Bulaga
14. Sean Lee
15. Jared Odrick
16. Jason Pierre-Paul
17. Derrick Morgan
18. Kyle Wilson
19. Maurkice Pouncey
20. Navarro Bowman
21. Jahvid Best
22. Tyson Alualu
23. Jermaine Gresham


Devin McCourty
Demaryius Thomas
Koa Misi
Jerry Hughes
Brandon Graham
Nate Allen
Morgan Burnett
Taylor Mays
Dan Williams
Kareem Jackson
Ryan Mathews
Brian Price
Rob Gronkowski
Brandon Ghee
Jimmy Clausen


Sergio Kindle
Anthony Davis
Corey Wootton
Patrick Robinson
Dexter McCluster
Joe McKnight
Chad Jones
Colt McCoy
Taylor Price
Lamarr Houston
D’Anthony Smith
Damian Williams
Eric Decker
Thaddeus Gibson
Corey Peters
Rodger Saffold
Toby Gerhart
Golden Tate
Brandon LaFell
Amari Spievey
Mike Neal


Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
Javier Arenas
Vladimir Ducasse
Ed Dickson
Clay Harbor
Perry Riley
Torrell Troup
Carlton Mitchell
Mike Johnson
John Jerry
Linval Joseph
Major Wright
Dominique Franks
Larry Asante
Tony Moeaki
Mitch Petrus
Ben Tate
Kam Chancellor
Andre Roberts
Myron Lewis


Shawn Lauvao
Jacoby Ford
Danny Batten
Sam Young
Daniel Te’o-Nesheim
Kevin Thomas
Clifton Geathers
Dennis Pitta
Darrell Stuckey
Alterraun Verner
Alric Arnett
Garrett Graham
Reshad Jones
Jamar Wall


Edwin Veldheer
Mike Hoomanawanui
Willie Young
Roddrick Muckelroy


Walter Thurmond
Marcus Easley
Michael Kafka
Adrian Tracy
Dan LeFevour


A few interesting notes

  • Gerald McCoy over Ndamukong Suh
  • Sean Lee #14 overall, Navarro Bowman #20 overall
  • First-rounders Dallas had with second round grades: Devin McCourty, Demaryius Thomas, Jerry Hughes, Brandon Graham, Dan Williams, Kareem Jackson, Ryan Mathews, Brian Price
  • First-rounders with a sub-second round grade: Anthony Davis and Patrick Robinson
  • The Cowboys must be thrilled to secure two of their top 14 overall players, but they didn’t obtain particularly good value (on their board) with any other selection.


Mavericks, Cowboys Both Have Players Dallas Fans Love to Hate

April 27th, 2010

Living in Dallas, you can't get away from all of the fans or the sports radio "experts" that want to give their opinion, no matter how funny or ridiculous you think it is.

They're going to say it and you're going to listen to it.

Most days I listen just for the pure entertainment it brings me, especially after the Cowboys lose.

Mondays become fun days for me at work instead of the boring, monotonous, days we all dread at the beginning of the week.

The bandwagon jumpers start coming out of the woodwork and they start saying things that both make me laugh and shake my head at the same time.

I've heard everything from "bring back T.O." to "Tony Romo should be studying his playbook instead of going on vacation."

Yeah, just when I thought I had heard it all before.

Granted, Tony Romo isn't the only player the Dallas sports fans are hating on, they can't stop at just one player.

So, during the NBA season their attention turns to Dallas Mavericks' star Dirk Nowitzki and the lack of NBA titles he's brought to this city.

This city expects more, this city wants more, but the closest they're getting these days is the first or second round of the playoffs.

There was a small championship feel in the air this past year when the Dallas Cowboys actually made it out of the first round before being pummeled by the Minnesota Vikings.

You remember that loss don't you Dallas fans?

The loss that brought cries of "they ran up the score on us!"

Yeah, that left me shaking my head, too.

If the Cowboys were on the giving end of that beat down and they heard the Minnesota fans crying, they wouldn't have a single sense of remorse.

So, I'm not going to pretend to feel sorry for them.

As for Dirk, it seems the Maverick fans want more from him and, rightly so.

Maybe it's the lack of role players around him, or good players for that matter. Maybe it's the fact that the Mavs won't win with a jump shooting center, regardless of how good his shot is.

While there are those that will defend Dirk until they're blue in the face, there are also those who love to call in to the local radio shows and ask for the team to trade him.

Heck, they'd shout it from the highest mountain if they could.

They want him gone, they want someone that will bring a championship to the American Airlines Center, or more aptly known as the "AAC."

Nowitzki's saving grace, at this point, is the fact that Texas cares more about football than they do about basketball. 

So as long as Tony Romo continues to be a Cowboy, Dirk will always remain just barely in the shadows.

Romo gets the brunt of the hatred in these parts to the extent that it borderlines the ridiculous or even asinine.

Look, I know you fans want a championship especially since you haven't sniffed the Super Bowl since the 1995 season.

But your hatred of Tony Romo seems a bit weird if you ask me.

Fans were up in arms when they found out Romo had flown out to Vegas for some appearance and brought along wide receiver Miles Austin, or as Steve Young called him during the NFL Draft, Austin Miles.

I found myself almost driving off the road a few times on my drive home after hearing one fan called in hopping mad. 

He was of the opinion that Romo should be hold up in his house studying the playbook and shouldn't be allowed a vacation until he brings Dallas a Super Bowl.

I think someone should have called this guy's boss and told him not to give this guy a vacation until their profit goes up to a level they haven't seen in 15 years. I imagine that wouldn't have gone over very well, but I digress.

Look, I know there are lofty expectations on Tony Romo especially since he's the quarterback for one of the most popular NFL teams in the country.

He might as well be Dallas' version of New York Yankee captain Derek Jeter.

If you think Romo really cares what the fans think about him going wherever he goes on an off day, authorized by Wade Philips or Jerry Jones, you got another thing coming.

I'm curious what the Cowboy fans, or Maverick fans for that matter, think about all this.

If you're a fan of both, do you hate both players or should some of these way over the top fans check themselves?

I don't hate the Cowboys or the Mavericks, I'm not a fan of either team but I certainly don't hate either one.

I just think it gets darn right ludicrous with some of the things I hear after either team loses.

So lighten up Dallas fans. After all, there's still high school football right?

2010 NFL Draft Recap: Dez Bryant: Another Jerry Jones Mishap?

April 26th, 2010

I'm not ready to give this one a definitive "yes," but I'm leaning towards it more and more.

What are some of Jerry's other mishaps?

Randy Moss, Jimmy Johnson, Terrell Owens, etc.

Will Dez Bryant be the newest name on this list?

Probably not, but it's hard to tell at this point.

In 2009, Bryant only played three games with the Oklahoma St. Cowboys due to a sudden suspension handed down by the NCAA because he didn't tell the NCAA all the details of his rendezvous with former Dallas Cowboys' star Deion Sanders.

Sanders admitted that he and Bryant worked out together (jogging, to be exact), and that the two of them had lunch at Sanders' home in Prosper, TX.

To me, this isn't that big a deal. However, the point here is that Bryant lied.

From the beginning, he should have fessed up to meeting with Sanders. Had he done so, he would have ended his career at Oklahoma St. on a high note, probably smashing a ton of Big 12 records along the way.

Plus, the Oklahoma St. Cowboys probably would have had a better record.

Either way, Bryant left a huge mark on the Cowboys' program.

During his tenure in Stillwater, Bryant amassed 147 receptions, 2,425 yards, and 29 TDs.

That's incredible; no wonder Jerry Jones wanted him so bad.

Bryant would fit well into the Cowboys' system, and will be yet another dangerous weapon head coach Wade Phillips will unleash come 2010.

The Cowboys averaged 267.9 passing yards a game, good enough for No. 6 in the NFL.

Let's take a look at Dallas' receiving corp and see just how big an impact Bryant will have:


Miles Austin

Was third in the league in terms of receiving yards, with 81 receptions, 1,320 yards, and 11 TDs.


Jason Witten

Was 21st in the league, collecting 94 receptions, 1,030 receiving yards, and two TDs.


Patrick Crayton

Comes in at the No. 60 spot, garnering 37 receptions, 622 receiving yards, and five TDs.


Roy Williams

Was 67th in the league, with a whopping 38 receptions, 596 receiving yards, and seven TDs.

Since football is a team sport, these individual statistics don't mean squat, except that maybe Williams needs to get open more.


Final Analysis

Regardless, it's easy to see how adding Dez Bryant to the mix will impact the Dallas Cowboys.

While what Bryant did wasn't illegal in any way, it was unethical, and hopefully it was a one-time thing.

But if you're Jerry Jones, you gotta ask: Is this the only thing he's lied about?

Like I said earlier, Bryant was suspended for lying, not weapons, assault, or drug issues.

But will making millions of dollars a year with unimaginable fame bring up more than just ethical issues?

Jerry? I'd cross your fingers and hope this doesn't come back to bite you.


To read more of Jordan's work, click here.

2010 NFL Draft Grades: Dallas Cowboys Report Card

April 25th, 2010
Yes, it's too early. Yes, it's asinine to try grade players who haven't even put on a jockstrap for their respective new team. But this is what we do as fans to try to make sense of all the new talent our team has brought in via the draft. Everyone has their own set of critera they apply to a team's draft class. Mine is weighted heavily on value and need. For the Cowboys, they unquestionably added talent and value, but did they actually address any pressing needs?

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2010 NFL Draft: Possible Targets on Day Two for the Cowboys

April 24th, 2010

The Cowboys made a big-splash on the first day of the 2010 NFL Draft when they nabbed highly touted Dez Bryant with the 24th pick.

What will they do for an encore on the second day in rounds two and three?

There is still a lot of talent on the board, but yesterday's trade to acquire Bryant handcuffed them by giving them only one pick today, No. 59 overall.

One thing is for sure. Don't expect owner Jerry Jones to sit on his hands. 

Last year, the Cowboys targeted Oregon offensive lineman Max Unger in the second round, only to watch him get snatched right before their pick by the Seahawks.

If the Cowboys target a player in the early rounds expect them to pounce on him.

Although they only have five remaining picks in the draft, Dallas has been rumored to have a couple of its own players on the trading block, namely TE Martellus Bennett and DE Marcus Spears. Those players could potentially be put in a package to facilitate a trade to move-up or acquire additional picks.

Here's a look at some of the Cowboys' potential targets on Day Two.


Offensive Line

The Cowboys have a definite need to upgrade the depth across the offensive line.  Players like Indiana's Rodger Saffold and USC's Charles Brown are some of the top rated offensive tackle prospects still available. Both players carried late first round grades and are sure to be off the board quickly when round two commences. Dallas would likely have to come up with a package to move-up and secure one of these players.

If the Cowboys choose to sit at pick No. 59 they may see the physical phenom out of Maryland, Bruce Campbell , slip to them. Taking a project like Campbell at this spot is more palatable than reaching for him in the first round.

Versatile tackle John Jerry should also be available at that spot.

My pick: Univ. of Massachusetts’s Vlad Ducasse . I can't predict trades, but I can project where I think a player should go. Having said that, I think Ducasse provides the best value at No. 59 should Dallas choose to go offensive line. 

Ducasse played left tackle in college but also showed at the Senior Bowl he can play inside at guard. Ultimately, Ducasse's best position once he develops the requisite strength might be at right tackle.



It's no secret the Cowboys need free safety help. Even if the team decides to stick with Alan Ball as the starter, they still need help from a numbers standpoint for depth.

Two players come to my mind and rightfully so, Georgia Tech's Morgan Burnett and South Florida's Nate Allen . The problem is there are other teams that have needs at safety too. 

Dallas is said to be high on both players. If one of the two drop into the low 50s, look for Jones to get on the phones.

If Dallas trades its pick and moves back into round three, players like Georgia’s Reshad Jones and Vanderbilt's fast rising Myron Lewis are considerations.

My pick: Univ. of South Florida's Nate Allen. I don't think you can go wrong with either Burnett or Allen. I give Allen the nod because of some of his intangibles. He was the defensive captain at USF and also made some of the defensive calls.


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